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ดับเบิ้ลคลิกคำศัพท์ และคลิก Definition เพื่อดูคำแปลจาก Cambridge Dictionary

1 They had to abandon ship.
2 Don’t abase yourself.
3 The storm has abated.
4 We can abbreviate January to Jan.
5 The director will abdicate next month.
6 They abduct children for money.
7 I abhor cruelty and dishonesty.
8 They abide by their promise.
9 We must abolish slavery.
10 Fish abound the lake.
11 He wants to abridge his novel.
12 I absolve you from all blame.
13 This paper absorbs ink.
14 They abstain from beer.
15 At the last election he abstained.
16 He abused his authority.
17 They always abuse me.
18 I accede your request.
19 He will accede the throne.
20 Our country will accede the treaty.
21 I can’t accelerate this machine.
22 They accept credit cards.
23 They acclaim champions.
24 They acclaimed him King.
25 This hotel can accommodate 1000 guest.
26 He is ready to accompany you.
27 He has to accomplish his task.
28 His opinion does not accord with mine.
29 I account you innocent.
30 His illness accounts for his absence.
31 He must account for the incident.
32 Interest will accrue with savings.
33 Dust soon accumulates.
34 They accumulate rubbish in the back yard.
35 They accused him of stealing.
36 My head aches when I hear such a noise.
37 Everybody wants to achieve success.
38 He refused to acknowledge defeat.
39 He acquired a bad reputation.
40 I like the way you act.
41 He wants to activate the children.
42 You must adapt to new customs.
43 If you add 9 and 9 you get 18.
44 Please adjust the level of sound.
45 He is able to administer the village.
46 They admire him for his smartness.
47 Please admit me. I am a reporter.
48 I admit my mistake.
49 They want to adopt an orphan.
50 The girls adore him but he doesn’t care.
51 Sciences continue to advance.
52 They advertice their products.
53 I often advice them.
54 Cold climate affects his health.
55 I affirm that it is true.
56 He can’t afford to buy a new car.
57 He is deeply aggrieved.
58 Bad news will agitate him.
59 I agree with you.
60 Aim your gun at the target.
61 The two countries will align.
62 They allocate a sum of money to education.
63 They allow me to swim in the pool.
64 Our country will ally with your country.
65 He has altered a great deal.
66 She will alter the dress.
67 He was amazed at the news.
68 These temples amaze visitors.
69 His debts amount to a million dollars.
70 The doctors will amputate his right leg.
71 The clowns amuse children.
72 They analyse minerals.
73 Do not annoy him.
74 They will announce their engagement.
75 You should answer the question.
76 They anticipate all possibilities.
77 I apologize for being rude.
78 He appealed to me for mercy.
79 He hopes appeal the case.
80 The paintings appeal to me.
81 They will appear in the concert.
82 We usually applaud good performers.
83 I am going to apply for a visa.
84 He will apply for a job.
85 I appoint you manager.
86 We appreciate your cooperation.
87 I can’t approach him.
88 He doesn’t approve my marriage.
89 I don’t like to argue with him.
90 They arise at five.
91 Problems always arise.
92 They arm the ship.
93 His speech aroused me.
94 Her actions might arouse suspicion.
95 Jane will arrange the flowers.
96 The police must arrest the thief.
97 They will arrive this afternoon.
98 The road ascent here.
99 You have to ascertain the facts.
100 I will ask him about Janet.
101 You can ask him to join us.
102 He aspires to become a president.
103 She assailed the speaker with question.
104 They assamble Japanese cars.
105 We assert our rights.
106 I assert that I am innocent.
107 I assign you head of the division.
108 All people must assimilate.
109 I assist the manager.
110 Don’t associate with bad people.
111 He is at home, I assume.
112 I will assume office next Monday.
113 I assure you there’s no danger.
114 The news will astonish them.
115 They attach labels to the lugage.
116 We’ll attack the enemy tonight.
117 They attempted to escape.
118 You must attend to your work.
119 He will attend the meeting.
120 Colour pictures attrack children.
121 They audit our company every year.
122 I authorize him to act for me.
123 He tried to avoid danger.
124 I avow my fault.
125 I await your instructions.
126 He awarded the cup to the winner.
127 He can’t back the car.
128 They always back him.
129 He likes to backbite.
130 Can you bake bread ?
131 We must balance our plans.
132 You should bandage your wound.
133 He banged a book on the table.
134 He banged at the door.
135 The gun banged away.
136 They banished him from the village.
137 They like to banter.
138 You should bare your head.
139 They bargain at the market.
140 The dogs bark at strangers.
141 They are going to barricade the road.
142 They barter oil for weapons.
143 The film is based on a true story.
144 He bashed me on the head.
145 You must bat the ball.
146 I bathe my eyes every day.
147 I often bathe in the sea.
148 Let’s batter the door down.
149 We must battle against poverty.
150 He wants to be a president.
151 She will be in Taiwan tomorrow.
152 I bear the burden.
153 I can’t bear the noise.
154 Women bear babies.
155 He will bear the cost of the trip.
156 Beat the drum.
157 Don’t beat me.
158 We can beat the enemy.
159 Flowers beautify the garden.
160 He become a minister.
161 They beg from door to door.
162 I beg you to help me.
163 The meeting will begin at ten o’clock.
164 I advise them how to behave.
165 I believe in God.
166 You belong to me.
167 He is able to bend an iron bar.
168 Sea air will benefit you.
169 The ship is going to berth.
170 They are going to besiege the town.
171 Don’t besmirch your reputation.
172 They bet on horse races.
173 Many people betray their principles.
174 You must better your work.
175 The crowds bewilder me.
176 Her smile bewitches me.
177 I am going to bid at the auction.
178 You should bind their legs.
179 Can you bind this book ?
180 Don’t bite me.
181 He wants to blacken his stick.
182 They will blacklist him.
183 Why did they blackmail her ?
184 You must not blame her.
185 She blanched when she met them.
186 He is going to blast the rock.
187 The lightning blasted the tree.
188 When we arrived the building was blazing.
189 They blaze news abroad.
190 She will bleach the cloth.
191 If you cut your finger it will bleed.
192 I won’t blemish his reputation.
193 They blend sorts of coffee.
194 Oil does not blend with water.
195 He will bless you.
196 The light blinds me.
197 Will you blindfold me ?
198 We blink the eyes.
199 Tight shoes may blister your feet.
200 Why do they block the road ?
201 The Navy will blockade the coast.
202 The roses will bloom.
203 The wind blows gently.
204 You may blow this whistle.
205 He likes to bluff.
206 He has blundered again.
207 Don’t blunt my knife.
208 Tears may blur the eyes.
209 This writing is blurred.
210 I saw her blush.
211 He likes to bluster.
212 They board students.
213 They will board a ship.
214 Would you like to boat ?
215 Please boil the egg.
216 The water will boil in five minutes.
217 They are going to bomb the village.
218 You can book a ticket now.
219 He’ll bore a hole in wood.
220 Am I boring you ?
221 They borrow books from library.
222 Don’t bother me with foolish question.
223 What bothers you ?
224 Don’t bother to make coffee for me.
225 The ball bounced over the wall.
226 He likes to bounce a ball.
227 The hills bound their village.
228 They bow as a respect.
229 They box for money.
230 They boycott our oil.
231 He braked suddenly.
232 The road branches here.
233 We brand our products.
234 The glass will break if you drop it.
235 If you fall from the tree, you may break your legs.
236 Children often break their toys.
237 Did he break his promise ?
238 We sometimes break the law.
239 I won’t break you heart.
240 We breathe as long as we life.
241 They breed horses.
242 Rabbits breed quickly.
243 They bribe the judge.
244 Light brightens the room.
245 I hope the sky will brighten.
246 What brings you here ?
247 They broadcast world news.
248 You must brush this floor.
249 They will build a house.
250 Wood and paper burn easily.
251 The water tank burst.
252 Where did they bury the dead body ?
253 I will buy a bike.
254 He’ll calculate the cost of his journey.
255 They call him ”Blacky”
256 Please call me when you arrive.
257 I’ll call for you at seven.
258 I often call on him.
259 This train calls at every station.
260 We came last Friday.
261 Where shall we camp ?
262 They campaign for the Labour Party.
263 He will cancel his travel.
264 You should capitalize the address.
265 The ship capsized.
266 The artist is able to captivate his fans.
267 The army captured 100 of the enemy.
268 I don’t care of him.
269 They care for the children.
270 Will you carry this box ?
271 These pillars carry the weight of the roof.
272 They carve statues out of wood.
273 He’ll cash a cheque.
274 The fisherman cast his net into the water.
275 Cast away your loneliness.
276 He is able to castrate animals.
277 The cat failed to catch the mouse.
278 What caused his death ?
279 Cease fire !
280 Do you celebrate your birthday ?
281 They centralize industry in the east.
282 I certify that this is an original document.
283 Do you chain your dog ?
284 Who is going to chair the meeting ?
285 They challenge us.
286 I chanced to be there.
287 He will chance it.
288 I change clothes every day.
289 I hope the weather will change.
290 You have to charge the battery.
291 He charged me 100 dollars for the bike.
292 He was charged with murder.
293 They charm me.
294 We charter ships and aircrafts.
295 He likes to chase the rabbits.
296 Can they cheapen oil ?
297 Don’t cheat me.
298 Yoy must check the engine.
299 Your visit will cheer him.
300 You must chew your food well.
301 The bell chimes every hour.
302 I can chisel wood.
303 You can choose.
304 Why did you chop the tree ?
305 Please circulate this sample.
306 I will circumcise him.
307 Can you cite the axact page ?
308 We must civilize them.
309 They claim that they own the land.
310 He clambered up the wall.
311 Clap your hands !
312 They often clash each other.
313 They classify books.
314 We clean the house every day.
315 We must cleanse the hearth from sin.
316 They clear the streets of snow.
317 I hope the sky will clear up.
318 He can cleave wood.
319 He clenched his fist.
320 I want to climb the hill.
321 Please close the door.
322 You must clothe.
323 They decided to cohabit.
324 They cohere and live in peace.
325 The snake coiled round the branch.
326 The Christmas Day coincides Jane’s birthday.
327 His habits coincides with mine.
328 We collaborate on education.
329 I think the roof will collapse.
330 I collate manuscripts.
331 Do you collect stamps ?
332 The ships may collide.
333 British colonized India.
334 The leaves begin to colour.
335 I will colour this house green.
336 I comb my hair.
337 They combine different cultures.
338 A lot of people come to the city.
339 He’ll come back tomorrow.
340 Please come in.
341 When they come out, shoot them.
342 I tried to comfort her.
343 Do as I command.
344 The monument was built to commemorate the victory
345 He did not comment on the statement.
346 Why did he commit suicide ?
347 They communicate each other.
348 Can you compare those things ?
349 You have to compensate for the lost of his camera.
350 They compete in trade.
351 She wants to compile a dictionary.
352 I have nothing to complain about.
353 I have to complete my work.
354 Politicians’ words complicate him.
355 He refused to comply.
356 You must comport yourself with dignity.
357 He is able to compose a speech.
358 She will compound a medicine.
359 This is difficult to comprehend.
360 Indonesia comprehends many races.
361 I will compress this article.
362 They agreed to compromise.
363 She will conceive a plan.
364 I can’t conceive of his failure.
365 She hopes to conceive.
366 They concentrate on their work.
367 It does not concern me.
368 He tried to conciliate the dispute.
369 I conclude that he is guilty.
370 I concur with you in making peace.
371 We all condemn rape.
372 They condence milk.
373 The vapour will condence into water.
374 I condone his behaviour.
375 He is going to conduct a negotiation.
376 Who is going to conduct the visitors ?
377 They conduct well.
378 They conferred a title on him.
379 I confess that I have hurt her.
380 He will confide his troubles.
381 You have to confine your remarks.
382 They confine mice in a cage.
383 Please confirm the price.
384 They conflict with each other.
385 You should conform to the rules.
386 A soldier has to confront danger.
387 They always confuse me.
388 The blood began to congeal.
389 I congratulate you on your marriage.
390 They congregated round the champion.
391 Telephones connect people.
392 The word ”Tropics” connote heat.
393 They want to conquer the enemy.
394 They will consent to your marrying her.
395 I will consider your request.
396 The book consists of nine chapters.
397 I console him in his failure.
398 They will consolidate football clubs.
399 They consort with criminals.
400 They conspire against the chief.
401 His actions constitute stupidity.
402 Twelve months contitute a year.
403 Heavy smoking may constrict your chest.
404 They construct buildings.
405 He’ll consult his lawyer.
406 We consume food every day.
407 She will contact Mr Lee.
408 This album contains 100 photos.
409 Flies contaminate food.
410 Do you always contemplate the future ?
411 We should contend with difficulties.
412 They continue the production.
413 They have contracted a marriage.
414 They contract measles.
415 We can contract ’he will’ to ’he’ll’.
416 He contracted his muscle.
417 He likes to contradict people.
418 The reports contradict each other.
419 We contrast imported goods.
420 His habits contrast with mine.
421 They contravene his statement.
422 They contravene the law.
423 They contribute money to a charity.
424 Drink contributed to his ruin.
425 She contributes articles to the magazine.
426 He is able to control himself.
427 He will convene the committee.
428 They convene every month.
429 They like to converse.
430 He wants to convert the garden into a pool.
431 Please convey my regards.
432 Buses convey passengers.
433 We must convict criminals.
434 I tried to convince him.
435 They cook well.
436 He wants to cooperate with us.
437 He is able to coordinate them.
438 He is able to cope with difficulties.
439 I will copy notes out of this book.
440 You should correct your writing.
441 They correspond with each other.
442 Rust corrodes iron.
443 The house cost him a million dollars.
444 He coughs at night.
445 Will you count those chairs.
446 I will counteract racial discrimination.
447 We are ready to counterattact.
448 Entertainments counterbalance problems.
449 They counterfiet American dollars.
450 Cover the table with this cloth.
451 They covet our land.
452 They cower when he is angry.
453 The glass cracked when I got it.
454 He tried to crack the stone.
455 How did the planes crash ?
456 You should crawl into the hole.
457 God creates everything.
458 We should creep to the stream.
459 Why do you criticize him ?
460 Cross the street when it is safe.
461 If you hurt her, she will cry.
462 He cried for help.
463 They cultivate their own land.
464 The milk will curdle.
465 This tablet can cure influenza.
466 Her hair curls beautifully.
467 I can curl your hair.
468 Why did he curse them ?
469 The road curves to the right.
470 We cut the grass every month.
471 She likes to dabble her feet in the water.
472 They dabble in politics.
473 Fire may damage things.
474 They dance gracefully.
475 Will you dance with me ?
476 The light cord is dangling.
477 They dare any danger.
478 The sky darkens at sunset.
479 I will darken that room.
480 You should date the letter.
481 Do you date with Jane ?
482 Nothing daunts him.
483 He likes to dawdle.
484 He looks dazed with drugs.
485 He was dazzled by the light.
486 He needs drugs to deaden the pains.
487 Thick walls deaden the noise.
488 The noise may deafen me.
489 Will you deal the cards ?
490 I deal with Jake.
491 He is easy to deal with.
492 How shall we deal with this problem ?
493 Does this book deal with politics ?
494 They debar women from voting at elections.
495 They will debase money.
496 I let them debate.
497 Food may decay.
498 His power will decay.
499 Did he deceive you ?
500 Think over before you decide.
501 An earthquake may decimate a population.
502 I declare this meeting closed.
503 Nations rise and decline.
504 He is able to decode.
505 I have to decorate this house.
506 The members decrease every month.
507 He dedicates his life to his country.
508 I dedicate this book to my country.
509 They deduct my salary.
510 He wants to deepen the well.
511 You must defeat him.
512 We must defend our country.
513 I defer my departure.
514 Can you define this word ?
515 You should deflate the tire.
516 They will deflate the currency.
517 He deflected the ball into the goal.
518 Tight shoes deform your feet.
519 He tried to defraud his friends.
520 I defray his college.
521 They defy orders.
522 I will degrade you if you make a big mistake.
523 Bad news deject her.
524 He had to delay making a decision.
525 I delegate her to the meeting.
526 I delegate my rights to you.
527 Delete these words from the notes.
528 Their abilities delight me.
529 We’ll deliver the samples.
530 Do not delude yourself with false hopes.
531 Success demands efforts.
532 They are going to demolish the building.
533 They demonstrate their abilities.
534 The students will demonstrate again.
535 This sign denotes prohibition against hunting.
536 He will deny the statement.
537 The train departs at 4:30 pm.
538 You can depend on him.
539 It depends on the weather.
540 They depleted the lake of fish.
541 We shall deploy the troops in the city.
542 They will deport him.
543 I deposit money in a bank.
544 His remarks often depress me.
545 I depute him to manage the organization.
546 Can you deputize for me ?
547 This word is derived from Latin.
548 This path descends steeply.
549 We are all descended from Adam.
550 Can you decribe the beauty of Paris ?
551 Do not desecrate their religion.
552 We must desegregate racial discrimination.
553 The soldier planned to desert.
554 They deserve to be respected.
555 I want to design clothes.
556 I designate you as a supervisor.
557 I hope you achieve all you desire.
558 They despair of success.
559 Gambling may destroy you.
560 He detached a coach from the train.
561 This device can detect metal.
562 You should determine a date for a meeting.
563 I detest arrogant people.
564 They had to devalue the dollar.
565 Some countries develop well.
566 They deviate from the rule.
567 We devise a scheme for making money.
568 His duties devolve on me.
569 I devote myself to social work.
570 The hungry man devoured the food.
571 Please dial the telephone number.
572 I dictate letters to my secretary.
573 Does he dictate you ?
574 He died last year.
575 We differ in our tastes.
576 He will dig the garden.
577 We eat and digest food.
578 Can you direct me to the station ?
579 Who will direct the play ?
580 I direct my men to work well.
581 I disagree with your statement.
582 I hope your difficulties will soon disappear.
583 I didn’t mean to disappoint you.
584 I disapprove your going with Tommy.
585 We must disarm the rebels.
586 Do you discard old clothes ?
587 We’ll discharge this afternoon.
588 Why did he discharge you ?
589 He’ll disclose a secret.
590 You should disconnect the TV set before you make adjustments inside it.
591 They discontinue train service.
592 Don’t let one discourage you.
593 When did Columbus discover America ?
594 They discredit the government.
595 We must not discriminate people.
596 They will discuss what to do.
597 They always disdain my suggestion.
598 They disembarked from the liner.
599 Don’t disgrace the family name.
600 He is able to disguise his voice.
601 His lies disgust me.
602 Your dishonesty will dishonour you.
603 We must disinfect this house.
604 The rocks begin to disintegrate.
605 We dislike being disturbed.
606 He was dismissed for being lazy.
607 I dismiss my class when the bell rings.
608 They disobey the law.
609 They dispatch letters and telegrams.
610 How can I dispel his fear ?
611 They dispense medicine.
612 This machine dispense mineral water.
613 The police dispersed the crowd.
614 Some machines displace people.
615 They display goods in the windows.
616 His remarks often displease me.
617 Man proposes but God disposes.
618 I dispose of rubbish every morning.
619 I won’t dispose of the land.
620 Don’t dispute him.
621 They disregard the warning.
622 He is dissatisfied with his salary.
623 Sugar dissolves in water.
624 Water dissolves salt.
625 Can you distinguish the twins ?
626 They often distort facts.
627 The noise distracted me from my reading.
628 Please distribute these books to them.
629 We distribute magazines.
630 He likes to disturb me.
631 He is ready to dive the deep water.
632 Divide this cake into three.
633 Mr. Martin will divorce his wife.
634 I’ll do anything for you.
635 Do your hair.
636 The ship is going to dock tomorrow.
637 The strong usually dominate the weak.
638 Do you donate blood ?
639 He dotes on pop music.
640 I have to double my income.
641 If you are cold, double the blanket.
642 I doubt his word.
643 He was dozing during the sermon.
644 He could not drag rhis box.
645 We are going to drain the pool.
646 You should drain waste water.
647 She can draw a circle.
648 He’ll draw money from the bank.
649 I dream of going to Paris.
650 He has to dress well in his position.
651 She is going to dress her doll.
652 Babies often dribble.
653 He can dribble to the goal.
654 The boat drifted out to sea.
655 The players drill every day.
656 I drill troops.
657 What would you like to drink ?
658 The tap is dripping.
659 His hand was dripping blood.
660 I sometimes drive fast.
661 They drive cattle to market.
662 He’ll drive me mad.
663 It drizzled all day yesterday.
664 The snow is beginning to drop.
665 She dropped the cup.
666 Please drop me at the station.
667 He drowned the lion.
668 Dry your hands on this towel.
669 The clothes will dry in half an hour.
670 They dwell in a big city.
671 She wants to dye her dress blue.
672 They earn 5000 dollars a month.
673 This medicine will ease the pain.
674 You should ease his anxiety.
675 The situation has eased.
676 Do you eat a lot ?
677 The valley echoes when I shout.
678 These wlls echo sounds.
679 I have to economize this week.
680 They edify their newspapers.
681 I edit manuscripts.
682 We educate children to behave well.
683 This medicine effect a cure.
684 The vulcano ejects lava.
685 Please elaborate on your proposals.
686 They elect a president every five years.
687 I can elevate you to the director.
688 His explanations will elicit the truth.
689 I eliminate suspects upon him.
690 He is able to elude his enemies.
691 We must emancipate ourselves from political restraint.
692 They embalm dead bodies by using chemicals.
693 The ships embark passengers.
694 Your actions embarrass me.
695 He likes to embellish stories.
696 Did he embezzle your property ?
697 He is able to embody his ideas in a speech.
698 I want to emboss this vase with a design of butterflies.
699 They embrace when they meet.
700 He is embracing a child.
701 I want to embroider this dress with flowers.
702 The moon was emerging from behind the clouds.
703 They want to emigrate to New Zealand.
704 I emphasize the importance education.
705 I employ a thousand men.
706 I empower you to manage this firm.
707 The tube will empty in two minutes.
708 His failure will enable me to go to the final.
709 Old buildings enchant me.
710 Tall trees encircle the lake.
711 I enclose a cheque for a hundred dollars.
712 I encourage him in his career.
713 We hope this crisis will end immediately.
714 We must end this war.
715 He may endanger my chances of success.
716 Will you endorse this document ?
717 He endured to the end.
718 May your position endure.
719 We enforce disipline.
720 He has an evidence that would enforce his argument.
721 I engage him as a guide.
722 They are going to engage the enemy.
723 Wild animals engage my attention.
724 We engage in politics.
725 I want to engrave my name on this stone.
726 He wants to enhance his power.
727 I hope you enjoy your holiday.
728 Can you enlarge this photograph ?
729 Can you enlighten me on this subject ?
730 He will enlist as a valunteer in the army.
731 Hoe can we enliven the party ?
732 We must enrich the mind with knowledge.
733 He wants to enroll as a member of a club.
734 I won’t enslave them.
735 I can’t ensure that he will agree.
736 No one can enter the room.
737 They entertain visitors.
738 The book is entitled ”The Lost Word”.
739 I envy your success.
740 They equal us in strength.
741 Our team equalized in the last minute.
742 We equip our ship for a voyage.
743 We must eradicate crime.
744 Will you erase those marks ?
745 They want to erect a monument.
746 Water erodes the soil.
747 To err is human.
748 When did the Mount Bromo erupt ?
749 The prisoner tried to escape.
750 Who will escort this young lady ?
751 They want to establish a business.
752 I estimate the cost at US $1000.
753 We evacuate them to the country.
754 He evaded my blow.
755 Will you evaluate this report ?
756 Heat evaporates water.
757 You exaggerate the difficulties.
758 The doctor will examine him.
759 We exavate for coal.
760 I sometimes exceed the speed limit.
761 I excel as a racer.
762 He excels all of us at tennis.
763 When I say that the girls are noisy, I except Linda.
764 We exchange greetings.
765 I exchange ideas with my friends.
766 Good news excite me.
767 He tried to excite them to rebel.
768 His paintings excite admiration.
769 ’What !’ he exclaimed. ’Are you going with my girl ?’.
770 I exclude him from membership.
771 Please excuse me coming late.
772 You should execute the plan.
773 They execute rebels.
774 Work hard may exhaust my strength.
775 I have to exhaust the tube of air.
776 We are going to exhibit computers.
777 They will exile the former president.
778 Does life exist on Mars ?
779 We can not exist without water.
780 Metals expand when they are heated.
781 I want to expand my business.
782 I expect you to guide her.
783 He expelled me from school.
784 I expend a lot of money on holiday.
785 He used to experience difficulty.
786 When does your passport expire ?
787 I will explain the mistery.
788 At last his anger exploded.
789 He is going to explode a bomb.
790 They exploit child labour.
791 We want to explore the mysterious island.
792 We export oil to Japan.
793 They always expose plots.
794 He wants to express his feelings.
795 You should express the letter.
796 We have to extend the railway.
797 This road extends for miles.
798 Will you extend this cable ?
799 I tried to extinguish the fire.
800 Why did you extort money from him ?
801 I will extract your tooth.
802 They extract oil from olives.
803 They will extradite the prisoner to Israel.
804 Turn round and face me.
805 They often face dangers.
806 Telephones facilitate our communication.
807 Strong sunlight may fade clothes.
808 Flowers soon fade when cut.
809 You will fail if you don’t work hard.
810 He fainted from the heat.
811 I used to fall from a horse.
812 He directs us how to farm.
813 The programs fascinate children.
814 Fasten your belt.
815 I favour your nomination.
816 Will you favour me with a conversation.
817 Do you fear death ?
818 This film features a new actress.
819 It’s time to feed the cows.
820 I feel better now.
821 We are going to fertilize the soil.
822 The cats always fight.
823 We must fight against poverty.
824 Please file these letters.
825 Fill this bottle with water.
826 Did you find the key ?
827 I fine you a hundred dollars.
828 They will finish the seminar tomorrow.
829 Are you ready to fire ?
830 He fired a heap of leaves.
831 Are you going to fire me ?
832 These shoes fit well.
833 I want to fix shelves to the wall.
834 I will fix a date for a meeting.
835 Will you fix my radio ?
836 The wood began to flame.
837 Storms may flatten the field of wheat.
838 I flavour food.
839 Why did he flee the country ?
840 Ships float on water.
841 The river floods at heavy rain.
842 Tourists flood Bangkok and Hongkong.
843 The water flows slowly.
844 The swallows fly in the sky.
845 He will fly the kite.
846 You have to focus your attention on this problem.
847 Do not fold the card.
848 Let’s follow this street.
849 I forbid you to use this gun.
850 They force him to work hard.
851 They forecast weather and events.
852 She has foreseen the trouble.
853 I sometimes forget his name.
854 Please forgive me.
855 They formed themselves into a committee.
856 The idea formed in his mind.
857 You should fortify yourself against the cold.
858 I am going to forward my plans.
859 This museum was founded in 1950.
860 He wants to free himself from debt.
861 I was freezing last night.
862 The rivers freeze over in December.
863 We freeze food in this machine.
864 A cup of tea may freshen me.
865 Do not frighten the children.
866 I want to fry fish.
867 I fulfil my duties.
868 I want to fulfil his hopes.
869 We have to furnish this house.
870 They want to gain reputation.
871 They gamble all night long.
872 Sam and George are gardening.
873 They gathered round him.
874 You should gather the papers together.
875 This machine is used to generate electricity.
876 Please get me a spoon.
877 I get tried after hardwork.
878 I get information every day.
879 I get your meaning.
880 The train will get in at about seven.
881 Let’s get out of here.
882 I always get up early.
883 Give me some sugar.
884 This is too hard, I give up.
885 I glance at the headlines.
886 He glided gracefully.
887 The lights are glimmering in the distance.
888 The box is glittering with jewels.
889 We must glorify god.
890 We must glorify our country.
891 We go to the beach every month.
892 Does this road go to Bandung ?
893 She may go mad.
894 He’ll go back tonight.
895 I can’t go out today.
896 Prices go up nowadays.
897 They like to gossip.
898 He has a power to govern.
899 He tried to grab my bag.
900 I graduated last year.
901 I grant your request.
902 He is a nice person, I’ll grant you that.
903 She tried to grasp a rope.
904 Will you grate the coconut ?
905 Your success will gratify them.
906 I greet them with a smile.
907 You must greet your teachers.
908 They grieve over his death.
909 He is going to grill the fish.
910 They grind corn into flour.
911 I have to grind this knife.
912 He groaned in pain.
913 The ship grounded yesterday.
914 Rice grows in warm climates.
915 We grow orchids and roses.
916 The dog growled at me.
917 They grumble when he fails.
918 I will guarantee your debts.
919 Who is going to guard the camp ?
920 Can you guess my weight ?
921 I can guide you to the mountain.
922 They habituate themselves to hardwork.
923 They hail him as a hero.
924 I will halve this apple.
925 Please hand that magazine.
926 He can handle it.
927 Hang your jacket.
928 Accidents will happen.
929 This glue hardens quickly.
930 He wants to harden his muscles.
931 Bad food harms your health.
932 We must harmonize with our neighbours.
933 We harvest rice every four months.
934 You should hasten your preparations.
935 This machine is able to hatch chickens.
936 I hate careless drivers.
937 They believe that ghosts haunt this house.
938 They have five children.
939 He wants to head a campaign.
940 You have to heal the wound.
941 Can you hear me ?
942 We have to heat this room.
943 I want to heighten the doorway.
944 Your carelessness will heighten his anger.
945 Would you help me ?
946 They hesitate about joining.
947 You should hide behind the door.
948 Where did you hide my shoes ?
949 He planned to hijact a plane.
950 I like to hike in the village.
951 He likes to hinder me in my work.
952 I am going to hire a car.
953 She hit me on the nose.
954 He is going to hoist the flag.
955 Hold my hand.
956 We honour your family.
957 We hope a happy life.
958 Ghost stories horrify children.
959 The wolves howl at night.
960 They humble their enemies.
961 Why did you humiliate him ?
962 Many people hunt wild animals.
963 It’s no use trying to make her hurry.
964 You should hurry your breakfast.
965 Don’t hurt me.
966 I don’t want to hustle you into a decision.
967 He is able hypnotize a person.
968 He wants to idealize his married life.
969 Could you identify this body ?
970 They idolize their leader.
971 He is going to ignite fire.
972 You should ignite his spirit.
973 Why do you ignore his order ?
974 I ilustrate books.
975 This book ilustrates animals’ life
976 Can you imagine life without arts ?
977 He is able to imitate my speech.
978 They immigrated from Cuba.
979 We must immunize babies against disease.
980 They impeached him for taking bribes.
981 He implements the scheme.
982 We import cars from Japan.
983 He likes to impose his will.
984 They impose a duty on tobacco.
985 His works impress me.
986 We must imprison criminals.
987 You have to improve your English.
988 He will inaugurate a president.
989 I am going to inaugurate a hotel.
990 This bills include taxes.
991 The firm incorporated with others.
992 The population may increase.
993 This ring indicates his love.
994 His disease may infect others.
995 They are going to infiltrate enemy territory.
996 This food may inflame your wound.
997 The offer inflamed his passion.
998 Will you inflate this balloon ?
999 The climate influences vegetation.
1000 Please inform us your discovery.
1001 They inhabit a cave.
1002 We need to inhale fresh air.
1003 I inherit an old house.
1004 He will initiate a plan for a meeting.
1005 The doctor is going to inject you.
1006 The crash injured ten people.
1007 Smoking will injure your health.
1008 I inquire about a visa.
1009 Insert the coin into the slot.
1010 I insist that I am innocent.
1011 They inspect schools.
1012 Nature inspire his works.
1013 He can install an air-conditioner.
1014 He instructs a class in history.
1015 I instructed him to start early.
1016 You should instruct them clearly.
1017 They insult his poverty.
1018 I insure my house against fire.
1019 They want to integrate the groups.
1020 What do you intend to do today ?
1021 Banking and Accounting interest me.
1022 He likes to interfere in my business.
1023 Can you interpret his words ?
1024 He is going to interrogate a prisoner.
1025 Do not interrupt the boss.
1026 Linda is going to interview an actot.
1027 They intimidate the opponents.
1028 He’ll introduce me to Mr. Henry.
1029 Do you often introspect ?
1030 He is not invited. He is intruding.
1031 They are going to invade the country.
1032 Who invented steam engine ?
1033 I invest one million dollars in a business.
1034 They investigate crimes.
1035 We shall invite him to dinner.
1036 His actions involve me in a difficulty.
1037 He is involved in debt.
1038 Do you iron every day ?
1039 They irrigate desert areas.
1040 Delays always irritate me.
1041 The smoke irritated my eyes.
1042 We isolate the infected people.
1043 Blood was issuing from the wound.
1044 They issue tickets to the passengers.
1045 He will issue books.
1046 My fingers itch.
1047 These socks itch my feet.
1048 He tried to jab my eye.
1049 If you jab him, he’ll collapse.
1050 Children like to jabber.
1051 I am going to jact up the car.
1052 Are they going to jail him ?
1053 The table jammed in the doorway.
1054 We jam into the bus.
1055 I have to jam these clothes into the suitcase.
1056 We should jam the enemy’s station.
1057 His laugh jars on my nerve.
1058 I won’t jeer him.
1059 My idea is beginning to jell.
1060 He intended to jeopardize my life.
1061 He jerked the fish out of the water.
1062 We jest and laugh.
1063 The captain ordered to jettison goods.
1064 Do you like to jig ?
1065 The children are jigging up and down.
1066 Susan will jilt Martin.
1067 The bells jingle when I pull the string.
1068 He likes to jingle the small bells.
1069 We jog every morning.
1070 They will join us.
1071 I will join this wire to another.
1072 They like to joke.
1073 The old bus jolted along.
1074 We shall journey round the world.
1075 They will judge a case.
1076 He is going to judge a competition.
1077 Can you judge how good she is ?
1078 I jumble the tools in the box.
1079 I want to jump into the water.
1080 I justify his statement.
1081 Keep your health.
1082 Do you keep birds ?
1083 I keep a gun in the drawer.
1084 Keep away from the edge.
1085 Will you kick the ball ?
1086 They kidnap children for ransoms.
1087 Do you kill animals ?
1088 May I kiss your baby ?
1089 She kneels in prayer.
1090 I often knit while listening to the music.
1091 Someone is knoking at the door.
1092 He will knot the ropes.
1093 I know where he lives.
1094 Do you know his mother ?
1095 You have to label your luggage.
1096 They lamented the death of the king.
1097 The plane landed smoothly.
1098 He could not land the plane.
1099 They languish in prison.
1100 She languishes for love.
1101 The flowers are beginning to languish.
1102 His acts are lapsing into bad habits.
1103 Several hours lapsed before he woke up.
1104 The rain lashed the windows.
1105 The tiger lashed its tail.
1106 He lashed the horse violently.
1107 The show lasts two hours.
1108 I like the way you laugh.
1109 Do not laugh at me.
1110 We are going to launch a new ship.
1111 He ordered me to launder.
1112 They lavish care on their only child.
1113 Lay your hand on my shoulder.
1114 I want to laze on the grass.
1115 He will lead the people.
1116 The rain is leaking in.
1117 Do not leak this secret.
1118 You can lean on me.
1119 Lean this ledder against the wall.
1120 We learn their language.
1121 We want to lease an apartment.
1122 They lease buildings out.
1123 We shall leave tonight.
1124 He’ll never leave you.
1125 They legalize sale of alcoholic drinks.
1126 Will you lend me your pencil ?
1127 She is going to lengthen a skirt.
1128 The days lengthen in March.
1129 His debts lessen.
1130 We must lessen the danger of war.
1131 Let the children play in the garden.
1132 We are going to level this building with the ground.
1133 We must liberate slavery.
1134 This cat likes to lick my feet.
1135 They often lie.
1136 I want to lie on the grass.
1137 The town lies along the seaside.
1138 Can you lift this box ?
1139 I am going to light a fire.
1140 They have lightened the cargo.
1141 I use white paint to lighten the room.
1142 Do you like fishing ?
1143 We must limit our spending.
1144 I am going to line this paper.
1145 This canal links the two towns.
1146 We shall liquidate our company.
1147 You must listen the teacher.
1148 He lit a cigar and left.
1149 They often litter my desk.
1150 They live in Medan.
1151 We eat to live.
1152 How can we liven this party ?
1153 We load sacks on to a truck.
1154 We must localize the epidemic.
1155 Where will you locate the new factory ?
1156 Did you lock the door ?
1157 Where will you lodge ?
1158 I will lodge him for two days.
1159 I lodge documents in a cabinet.
1160 You can lodge a complaint with the police.
1161 Don’t loiter on the way.
1162 I am longing to see you.
1163 Look! The bus is coming.
1164 Don’t look at me that way.
1165 What are you looking for ?
1166 You have to loosen the screw.
1167 I don’t want to lose my job.
1168 He has lost his passport.
1169 I don’t like to lose a game.
1170 D you love me ?
1171 I love animals.
1172 They are going to lower the sail.
1173 I lubricate this engine every day.
1174 He lured me away with the offer.
1175 They lust for gold.
1176 He wants to luxuriate in Paris.
1177 I made a cake yesterday.
1178 Will you mail this letter ?
1179 I maintain this house.
1180 They major in history.
1181 You always make me happy.
1182 They manage ten restaurants.
1183 They manipulate the firm’s finance.
1184 They manufacture toys.
1185 They march every morning.
1186 You should mark these boxes.
1187 They market our products.
1188 Tom will marry a rich woman.
1189 Will you massage me ?
1190 They master five languages.
1191 The tie and the trousers do not match.
1192 He will match the numbers.
1193 He is ready to match his strength with yours.
1194 It doesn’t matter.
1195 We must maximize educational opportunities.
1196 What do you mean ?
1197 You mean a lot of me.
1198 Will you measure this window ?
1199 He is able to mediate a dispute.
1200 He will meditate for half an hour.
1201 I often meet your uncle.
1202 Snow melts when the sun shines.
1203 You must memorize this speech.
1204 Can you mend shoes ?
1205 Will you mention their names ?
1206 The banks will merge.
1207 They merit a reward.
1208 The birds migrate in winter.
1209 They milk every day.
1210 They mill coffee.
1211 I will mince the meat.
1212 I mind them.
1213 Do you mind if I play the guitar ?
1214 I don’t mind.
1215 They mine coal.
1216 We have to minimize an error.
1217 They misapply public funds.
1218 I sometimes misbehave.
1219 They often miscalculate.
1220 If she works too hard, she may miscarry.
1221 Do not misdirect travellers.
1222 He has misinformed them.
1223 Do not misinterpret his silence.
1224 I don’t want to misjudge him.
1225 Do not mislay your passport.
1226 His words mislead.
1227 They mismanage the firm.
1228 You misplace the bottles.
1229 They mispronounce some French words.
1230 I misquoted his remarks.
1231 They often misread my instructions.
1232 I miss you so much.
1233 Don’t miss the target.
1234 I don’t like to miss the train.
1235 They missed the accident.
1236 When did you miss the passport ?
1237 You misspell some words.
1238 I sometimes mistranslate.
1239 They mistrust their own powers.
1240 I know they misunderstand.
1241 He misused his power.
1242 Mix the flour with sugar.
1243 Why did you moan last night ?
1244 He is going to mobilize the troops.
1245 Do not mock me.
1246 They modernize weapons.
1247 He will modify the plan.
1248 They monopolize rice and flour.
1249 They are goin to moor the ship.
1250 Do you mop the floor ?
1251 I motivate them to success.
1252 They mourn over the leader’s death.
1253 Don’t move!
1254 Move this table.
1255 He can multiply numbers.
1256 He wants to multiply the production.
1257 Rabbits multiply rapidly.
1258 He often mumbles to himself.
1259 He murdered his wife.
1260 I sometimes mutter away to myself.
1261 They muzzle extreme press.
1262 You should nail with a hammer.
1263 I will name this child Bobby.
1264 Can you name all planets ?
1265 They will naturalize the immigrants.
1266 They navigate java sea.
1267 He is able to navigate a ship.
1268 The ship is nearing land.
1269 They need help.
1270 Do not neglect your duty.
1271 He will negotiate with them.
1272 The child likes to nestle up to her mother.
1273 They net fish.
1274 He can neutralize poisons.
1275 You should nod to him.
1276 They nominate a woman for the Presidency.
1277 I note down his words.
1278 I note how he acts.
1279 I didn’t notice them.
1280 You can notify the police of loss.
1281 He will number his books.
1282 They numbered 25 in all.
1283 They nurse my grandpa.
1284 You must obey your parents.
1285 I object to your decisionn.
1286 They observe wild animals.
1287 Where can I obtain the book ?
1288 They will occupy the appartment.
1289 They occupy the country.
1290 The accident occured last Monday.
1291 I don’t like to offend him.
1292 They offer me a job.
1293 Who will officiate the ceremony ?
1294 They will omit Chapter XXIII.
1295 Please open the gate.
1296 They operate passenger ships.
1297 Can you operate this machine ?
1298 Do you oppose the Government ?
1299 They oppress the opponents.
1300 I order you to arrest him.
1301 He will order dinner.
1302 They organize a trade union.
1303 Leather bags will outwear plastic ones.
1304 They often overact.
1305 He was able to overcome the temptation.
1306 You may work hard, but don’t overdo it.
1307 They sometimes overdress.
1308 They overfowed into the street.
1309 Do not overload the truck.
1310 I sometimes overpay for small items.
1311 They overpowered the criminals.
1312 They overrate his abilities.
1313 They oversee the traffic.
1314 Do not overshoot the mark.
1315 Do you often oversleep ?
1316 You can come to this country, but do not overstay.
1317 They overstock rice.
1318 They overturned the boat.
1319 The car overturned.
1320 You should not overwork.
1321 I owe him ten dollars.
1322 We owe a great deal to our parents.
1323 I own a house.
1324 I pack clothes into a trunk.
1325 He will paint the windows.
1326 He can paint flowers.
1327 Don’t panic!
1328 They parade attractively.
1329 Pardon me for breaking the glass.
1330 We can’t park our car here.
1331 They should part the two fighters.
1332 They participate in the contest.
1333 He wants to pass the test.
1334 Please pass me the salt.
1335 I pass this street every day.
1336 They patrol the streets.
1337 We have to pause this conversation.
1338 They pave roads.
1339 Do you pay taxes ?
1340 Birds often peck each other.
1341 He tried to pedal the bike.
1342 Will you peel the onions ?
1343 He likes to peep.
1344 The were able penetrate defences.
1345 I want to perfect my French.
1346 They are going to perform the operation.
1347 They will perform a concert.
1348 We shall perform ”The Ramayana)”.
1349 Many perished in the fire.
1350 Permit me to see Mr. Leo, please.
1351 They permit me to use this phone.
1352 Persuade him to try again.
1353 May I pick the flowers ?
1354 You should pile up the boxes on the floor.
1355 Pin the papers together.
1356 She likes to pinch my cheek.
1357 He wants to pioneer in fun sports.
1358 Place them in the right order.
1359 I plan a holiday.
1360 I plant flowers.
1361 Let’s play badminton.
1362 You must please your parents.
1363 He is going to plough the field.
1364 He plunged his hand into cold water.
1365 This sign points the way.
1366 She tried to poison them.
1367 I polish shoes.
1368 This country is densely populated.
1369 She likes to pose for pictures.
1370 They possess great abilities.
1371 I will post this letter.
1372 They will post guards.
1373 He will postdate the cheque.
1374 Why do they postpone the meeting ?
1375 Pour this water into the pail.
1376 The rain poured down last night.
1377 I powder my face.
1378 They practise the piano.
1379 They always praise him.
1380 He is going to preach Islam.
1381 Pray and ask God for help.
1382 They predict a good harvest.
1383 I prefer to go.
1384 I prepare dinner.
1385 The doctor will prescribe.
1386 He will present facts.
1387 Press the red button.
1388 I presume you are talking about me.
1389 He pretended to be asleep.
1390 Truth will prevail.
1391 Can you prevent an accident ?
1392 I want to print this picture.
1393 You may proceed with your speech.
1394 It’s time to proceed.
1395 I hope everything will proceed well.
1396 They process soft drink.
1397 They will proclaim independence.
1398 Bees produce honey.
1399 They prohibit hunting.
1400 He wants to prolong his visit.
1401 I promise to pay you.
1402 They will promote him captain.
1403 He wants to promote tourism.
1404 How do you pronounce this word?
1405 I propose this plan.
1406 Are you going to prosecute him ?
1407 They protect the environment.
1408 What do they protest about ?
1409 I can prove he is guilty.
1410 They provide higher education.
1411 We provide information.
1412 They like to provoke.
1413 They publish dictionaries.
1414 Don’t pull my hair.
1415 I pump water into the pail.
1416 He will punish you.
1417 They purify water.
1418 Push the door.
1419 Put it in the drawer.
1420 Put the gun down.
1421 They put off the meeting.
1422 Put on your coat.
1423 Put out the fire.
1424 We put up the tent.
1425 The ducks quack when a strange appear.
1426 The earth often quakes.
1427 His abilities qualify for the position.
1428 They quarantine him.
1429 They always quarrel.
1430 Her voice is quavering.
1431 They’ll question him.
1432 They queue for food.
1433 You should quicken your pace.
1434 His work quickens.
1435 He is able to quieten children.
1436 I hope the village will quieten down.
1437 She does not like her boss, she wants to quit.
1438 They often quiver with fear.
1439 I quote from the newspaper.
1440 Let’s race.
1441 They race horses.
1442 The sun radiates continuously.
1443 Her smile radiates happiness.
1444 They often rage.
1445 They plan to raid the village.
1446 I think it will rain tonight.
1447 Please raise your hand.
1448 They raise rabbits.
1449 We must raise production.
1450 They rob and rape.
1451 Can you reach the ceiling ?
1452 They react to intimidation.
1453 I want to read a magazine.
1454 You have to readjust the carburetor.
1455 I realize my mistake.
1456 He wants to realize his ambition.
1457 He’ll rearrange the furniture.
1458 They rebel against the government.
1459 They will rebuild the apartment.
1460 He’ll be glad to receive your postcard.
1461 He can recharge your battery.
1462 Will you recheck the figures ?
1463 You should reckon the cost.
1464 I reckon you may join them.
1465 I recognize his voice.
1466 They recognize our country.
1467 I recommend you having a rest.
1468 You have to reconsider his offer.
1469 I record the traffic accidents.
1470 We record your singing.
1471 I hope she will recover soon.
1472 I recruit young people for basketball.
1473 You must rectify the mistakes.
1474 He wants to redden his skin.
1475 He’ll redress the error.
1476 Will you reduce the price ?
1477 He’ll refer the case to us.
1478 Referring to your letter of 8th January.
1479 My questions refer to your proposal.
1480 They always refer to the koran.
1481 I refill this pen every week.
1482 A glass can reflect light.
1483 Her words reflect her ambition.
1484 The moon reflects on the pond.
1485 We must reform the organization.
1486 A mirror can refract light.
1487 A cup of tea may refress you.
1488 They refuse help.
1489 You should register at the hotel.
1490 I regret not listening to him.
1491 Can you regulate the a compass ?
1492 He should reign for five years.
1493 They reject his offer.
1494 It does not relate to his plan.
1495 I like to relax in the yard.
1496 You must release this bird.
1497 They will release all the prisoners.
1498 When do they release news ?
1499 You’d better relent.
1500 This medicine can relieve pain.
1501 Only three houses remain.
1502 They remain worried.
1503 They remark that they are the best.
1504 I remember his birthday.
1505 It reminds me at the Vietnam war.
1506 Do not remove the bandage.
1507 They renew the contract every year.
1508 I want to rent a car.
1509 They repair cars and motorcycles.
1510 Do not repeat the mistake.
1511 If you repent, you’ll be better.
1512 You must replace the receiver.
1513 Nothing can replace a mother’s love.
1514 Will you replay the record ?
1515 You must reply him.
1516 When will you report the case ?
1517 He is going to represent the organization.
1518 What does this represent ?
1519 I request permission to enter the palace.
1520 Success requires hard work.
1521 They research reptiles.
1522 You resemble my cousin.
1523 I am going ti reserve a seat.
1524 Will you reset this clock.
1525 I resign my job.
1526 We must resist disease.
1527 We respect your opinion.
1528 They respond to my request.
1529 They like to rest in the back yard.
1530 Rest the ledder against the wall.
1531 They will restore the building.
1532 You must restrain yourself.
1533 They restrict our activities.
1534 He retired last week.
1535 He’ll return tomorrow.
1536 When will you return the magazine ?
1537 He wants to reunite his family.
1538 I have to review your report.
1539 He’ll revise his manuscript.
1540 I hope the grass will revive.
1541 This fruit will revive you.
1542 Does the moon revolve ?
1543 I reward you for your honesty.
1544 I like to ride a bicycle.
1545 I wake up when the clock rings.
1546 I ring the bell.
1547 I rise early.
1548 The sun rises in the east.
1549 The flood may rise a metre.
1550 The submarine has risen.
1551 He will risk his life.
1552 Birds sing, lions roar.
1553 They roast meat.
1554 They planned to rob the bank.
1555 Please roll the rope.
1556 This coin may roll when it falls.
1557 The earth rotates.
1558 Will you rotate the wheel ?
1559 Let’s round this island.
1560 Can you row a boat ?
1561 Rub this oil on your skin.
1562 Smoking ruins your health.
1563 The king rules wisely.
1564 The thunder rumbled last night.
1565 Rabbits run fast.
1566 They run a business.
1567 We must rush him to the hoapital.
1568 People rush amusement centres.
1569 They rush to the station.
1570 He will sacrifice for his country.
1571 They won’t sacrifice their son.
1572 Failure may sadden us.
1573 This box safeguards your valuables.
1574 He’ll sail to Africa.
1575 They salute the flag.
1576 They sanitize the surroundings.
1577 A plate of rice may satiate me.
1578 Funny stories satisfy children.
1579 He tried to save my life.
1580 I save my money in the bank.
1581 We must save energy.
1582 I saw jane this morning.
1583 Can you saw this board ?
1584 I just want to say good bye.
1585 Dark places scare children.
1586 Why did she scatter her clothes ?
1587 Why did you scold him ?
1588 Don’t scratch your pimple.
1589 Don’t scratch the table.
1590 The cat scratched me.
1591 I scream when I get pain.
1592 He showed me how to sculpt.
1593 They will search my house.
1594 They will search for the lost tiger.
1595 Did you seduce her ?
1596 Can you see the sign ?
1597 I see what you mean.
1598 You have to see Anne today.
1599 The seek help.
1600 You seem to love her.
1601 The police could not seize him.
1602 He seized my purse.
1603 You can select the ties.
1604 They sell fruit and vegetables.
1605 I am going to send this letter.
1606 Their parents separate.
1607 I have to separate those cows.
1608 They are readyto serve.
1609 I set the alarm clock.
1610 He can set the stage.
1611 They set prices.
1612 The sun sets in the west.
1613 They will settle the matter.
1614 I want to settle in a village.
1615 I can sew.
1616 The trees shade his house.
1617 Shake this liquid.
1618 Shake your head to say ”no”.
1619 I shake when he is angry.
1620 We share in the costs.
1621 Will you sharpen this pencil ?
1622 I sharpen the blade.
1623 I shave every week.
1624 Her eyes shine.
1625 The news shocked him.
1626 Shoot him on the leg.
1627 You should shorten the explanation.
1628 Don’t shout.
1629 Show me your essay.
1630 Shut the door.
1631 Please sign this form.
1632 Can you silence them ?
1633 I will simplify this text.
1634 Will you sing ?
1635 This ship may sink.
1636 How did they sink your ship ?
1637 May I sit here ?
1638 Indonesia is situated in Southeast Asia
1639 I skate with them.
1640 I like to ski.
1641 You may skid on the wet floor.
1642 I sometimes slam the door.
1643 You must not slander.
1644 The writing slants to the left.
1645 Why did she slap you ?
1646 They slaughter animals.
1647 I sleep eight hours a day.
1648 I like to slide in thw snow.
1649 Vehicles may slip on the slippery road.
1650 He smashed the chair.
1651 The car smashed into a tree.
1652 I smell something burning.
1653 This cake smells good.
1654 I like the way you smile.
1655 You must not smoke here.
1656 They smuggle drugs.
1657 Don’t sneer.
1658 I sneeze when I smell this perfume.
1659 Did I snore last night ?
1660 He can soften Laura’s heart.
1661 This medicine can soften the pain.
1662 We must solve this problem.
1663 They sort mail.
1664 The alarm sounds when something happen.
1665 Will you sound the alarm ?
1666 He can sound the depth of this tank.
1667 It sounds interesting.
1668 The ornaments sparkle.
1669 He can speak Italian.
1670 This institute specializes in accounting.
1671 I specify the show time.
1672 They speculate on the market.
1673 Can you spell this word ?
1674 I spend a thousand dollars a month.
1675 Don’t spill the coffee.
1676 You must not spit in this room.
1677 Children like to splash water.
1678 They spoil their daughter.
1679 The old jacket spoils your looks.
1680 I spray this room every morning.
1681 We have to spread this news.
1682 Will you spread this blanket ?
1683 I spread butter on bread.
1684 He can’t squat.
1685 Will you squeeze the lemon ?
1686 He tried to stab me.
1687 We must stabilize political condition.
1688 Ink may stain your clothes.
1689 You should stamp this envelope.
1690 Stamp your foot!
1691 I can stand for hours.
1692 Do you stand cold weather ?
1693 I could not stare at her.
1694 They start work at nine.
1695 I am starving.
1696 Mr. Harrison will state his opinion.
1697 I like to stay at home.
1698 He tried to steal the diamond.
1699 I can’t steer this car.
1700 The old woman can’t step.
1701 You step on my foot.
1702 They sterilize all the rooms.
1703 Stick the balloon with this pin.
1704 You should stick a stamp on this envelope.
1705 Bees sting when they are annoyed.
1706 You have to stir this batter.
1707 The car could not stop.
1708 No one can stop him.
1709 Where do you store rice ?
1710 They will strengthen the wall.
1711 The lightning may strike the tree.
1712 I get up when the clock strikes four.
1713 He likes to stroke a cat.
1714 They struggle against difficulties.
1715 They study law.
1716 I sometimes stumble.
1717 I am going to submit a request.
1718 Do you subscribe to magazines ?
1719 We can substitute margarine for butter.
1720 You should subtract six from nine.
1721 He hope to succeed.
1722 Mosquitos suck blood.
1723 They suffer from malaria.
1724 I suggest going to the lake.
1725 Does this hat suit me ?
1726 Can you summarize the account ?
1727 The government will summon him home.
1728 They supervise flow of goods.
1729 They supply food and medicine.
1730 We support you.
1731 I suppose he will come.
1732 The news will surprise him.
1733 They will never surrender.
1734 The trees surround his house.
1735 They are going to survey the situation.
1736 They survive bad condition.
1737 Do you suspect me ?
1738 You must swallow the pill.
1739 I swear it is true.
1740 I sweep the floor every day.
1741 Will you sweeten this cake ?
1742 A sting may swell your arm.
1743 We swim in the pool.
1744 Children like to swing.
1745 Swing you right arm!
1746 Please switch off the light.
1747 Switch on the light, please.
1748 What does it symbolize ?
1749 Take the pen and write the words.
1750 They take orders.
1751 It takes time.
1752 I will take you to the park.
1753 They always talk about politics.
1754 Please taste this soup.
1755 This food tastes good.
1756 Will you teach me ?
1757 Why did you tear my paper ?
1758 He tried to tease the girl.
1759 Tell me the truth.
1760 Tell me about your family.
1761 They tell us how to use it.
1762 Her beauty tempt every man.
1763 They will terminate the contract.
1764 The contract will terminate on September.
1765 Snakes terrify her.
1766 They plan to terrorize us.
1767 You can test this car.
1768 Thank you for helping me.
1769 He wants to thicken the wall.
1770 I think he is right.
1771 They always threaten him.
1772 Throw the ball!
1773 I tidy the room.
1774 He can’t tie his shoelaces.
1775 Can you tighten these letters ?
1776 They tolerate the noise.
1777 They torture prisoners.
1778 Do not touch!
1779 We shall tour Asia.
1780 They tow boats.
1781 They train animals.
1782 He likes to tramp the village.
1783 Don’t trample the grass.
1784 He won’t transfer the funds.
1785 I can transform heat into energy.
1786 Translate these words into Chinese.
1787 You should transmit this message.
1788 They trap wild animals.
1789 We travel a lot.
1790 They trawl in the Pacific.
1791 They treat me well.
1792 I’ll treat you to dinner.
1793 They tremble when they go into the cave.
1794 They often trespass on that property.
1795 He can’t trick me.
1796 I won’t trouble you.
1797 Don’t trouble to make me coffee.
1798 I trust you.
1799 If you fail, try again.
1800 They could tug the car out the mud.
1801 Turn the page.
1802 Turn the key.
1803 Turn your face.
1804 Turn right.
1805 The water will turn red.
1806 Turn off the gas.
1807 Turn the light on.
1808 The stars twinkle at night.
1809 Rina can type fast.
1810 I can unbend the wire.
1811 He will unchain the dog.
1812 Will you uncork the bottle ?
1813 I do not underestimate his abilities.
1814 You should underline this word.
1815 You must not underrate your rival.
1816 I understand lesson five.
1817 They understate the case.
1818 They undertake their job very well.
1819 You must undress in the room.
1820 You can unfasten your belt.
1821 You should unfold the blanked.
1822 They unite in fighting against communism,
1823 We must unite all nations.
1824 They are ready to unload.
1825 He tried to unlock the door.
1826 He will unpack the trunk.
1827 We have to update this regulation.
1828 He is going to upgrade the workers.
1829 They upset my plan.
1830 They urge me to join the club.
1831 You can use the phone.
1832 You have to utilize the opportunity.
1833 He didn’t utter a word about it.
1834 He will vacate the room.
1835 The doctors will vaccinate the children.
1836 They will validate the contract.
1837 Can you value this car ?
1838 The water may vaporize.
1839 Heat can vaporize water.
1840 Prices vary any time.
1841 Opinions vary.
1842 We have to ventilate this room.
1843 He will verify the report.
1844 They often violate the law.
1845 Do not violate my privacy.
1846 They tried to violate the woman.
1847 Do not violate religions.
1848 I visit my friens.
1849 They are going to vote at the election.
1850 They vow loyalty to their country.
1851 We’ll voyage round Africa.
1852 The wolf wagged its tail.
1853 Would you wait for a moment, please ?
1854 I usually wake up at five.
1855 Please Wake me up at five.
1856 We walk to school.
1857 They wonder to see different things.
1858 They want to see the exhibition.
1859 You must warn them of the danger.
1860 I wash my clothes.
1861 Don’t waste your time.
1862 He likes to watch birds.
1863 I watch television in the evening.
1864 You must water the plants.
1865 He waved to the girl.
1866 Her hair waves naturally.
1867 The wind will soon weaken.
1868 Hard work may weaken you.
1869 You have to wear warm clothes here.
1870 They weave traditionsl rugs.
1871 Don’t weep for me.
1872 I will weigh this package.
1873 How much do you weigh ?
1874 We are please to welcome you.
1875 We went to the village last week.
1876 What did he wishper about ?
1877 Can you whistle ?
1878 Her skin may whiten.
1879 They can whiten paper.
1880 Bees whiz.
1881 The river may widen.
1882 They will widen the bridge.
1883 I am sure they will win.
1884 I sometimes wink at pretty girls.
1885 I wipe my face with a handkerchief.
1886 Please wipe the blackboard.
1887 I wish you well.
1888 He is going to withdraw his savings.
1889 I wonder who is dancing.
1890 They work hard every day.
1891 Does this machine work ?
1892 Don’t worry about them.
1893 We must worship god.
1894 You have to wrap the old books.
1895 They are ready to wrestle.
1896 Do not wrinkle your face too much.
1897 This cloth wrinkles easily.
1898 They learn to write.
1899 She wrote a poem last night.
1900 We sometimes yawn when we get sleepy.
1901 I yearn to see Paris.
1902 They demonstrate snd yell.
1903 The road zigzags.
1904 Zip up your dress.

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