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Webster's Learner's Dictionary

3,000 Words List (Webster's Learner's Dictionary)

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คลิก Definition
คลิก bullet ความหมายที่ต้องการ

a (indefinite article)
abandon (verb)
ability (noun)
able (adjective)
about (adverb)
about (preposition)
above (adverb)
above (preposition)
abroad (adverb)
absence (noun)
absent (adjective)
absolute (adjective)
abstract (adjective)
abuse (verb)
abuse (noun)
academic (adjective)
accept (verb)
acceptable (adjective)
access (noun)
access (verb)
accident (noun)
accompany (verb)
according to (preposition)
account (noun)
account (verb)
accurate (adjective)
accuse (verb)
ache (verb)
ache (noun)
achieve (verb)
across (preposition)
across (adverb)
act (noun)
act (verb)
action (noun)
active (adjective)
activity (noun)

actor (noun)
actual (adjective)
actually (adverb)
adapt (verb)
add (verb)
addition (noun)
additional (adjective)
address (verb)
address (noun)
adequate (adjective)
adjust (verb)
administration (noun)
admire (verb)
admission (noun)
admit (verb)
adopt (verb)
adult (noun)
adult (adjective)
advance (verb)
advance (noun)
advantage (noun)
adventure (noun)
advertise (verb)
advertisement (noun)
advice (noun)
advise (verb)
affair (noun)
affect (verb)
affection (noun)
afford (verb)
after (adverb)
after (preposition)
after (conjunction)
afternoon (noun)

again (adverb)
against (preposition)
age (noun)
age (verb)
agency (noun)
agent (noun)
ago (adverb)
agree (verb)
agreement (noun)
agriculture (noun)
ahead (adverb)
aid (verb)
aid (noun)
aim (verb)
aim (noun)
air (noun)
airplane (noun)
airport (noun)
alarm (noun)
alarm (verb)
alert (adjective)
alert (noun)
alert (verb)
alive (adjective)
all right (adverb)
all right (adjective)
all (adjective)
all (adverb)
all (pronoun)
allow (verb)
almost (adverb)
alone (adjective)
alone (adverb)
along (preposition)
along (adverb)
alphabet (noun)
already (adverb)
also (adverb)
alter (verb)
alternative (adjective)
alternative (noun)

although (conjunction)
altogether (adverb)
always (adverb)
amaze (verb)
ambition (noun)
ambitious (adjective)
among (preposition)
amount (noun)
amount (verb)
an (indefinite article)
analysis (noun)
analyze (verb)
and (conjunction)
anger (noun)
anger (verb)
angle (noun)
angry (adjective)
animal (noun)
ankle (noun)
announce (verb)
annoy (verb)
annual (adjective)
another (adjective)
another (pronoun)
answer (noun)
answer (verb)
anxiety (noun)
anxious (adjective)
any (adjective)
any (pronoun)
anybody (pronoun)
anyone (pronoun)
anything (pronoun)
anyway (adverb)
anywhere (adverb)

apart (adverb)
apartment (noun)
apologize (verb)
apology (noun)
apparent (adjective)
apparently (adverb)
appeal (noun)
appeal (verb)
appear (verb)
appearance (noun)
apple (noun)
application (noun)
apply (verb)
appoint (verb)
appreciate (verb)
approach (verb)
approach (noun)
appropriate (adjective)
approval (noun)
approve (verb)
approximate (adjective)
approximate (verb)
April (noun)
apt (adjective)
arch (noun)
arch (verb)
area (noun)
argue (verb)
argument (noun)
arm (noun)
arm (verb)
army (noun)
around (adverb)
around (preposition)
arrange (verb)
arrangement (noun)

arrest (verb)
arrest (noun)
arrive (verb)
arrow (noun)
art (noun)
article (noun)
artificial (adjective)
artist (noun)
as (adverb)
as (conjunction)
as (preposition)
ashamed (adjective)
aside (adverb)
ask (verb)
asleep (adjective)
assist (verb)
assistant (noun)
associate (verb)
assume (verb)
assure (verb)
at (preposition)
athlete (noun)
attach (verb)
attack (verb)
attack (noun)
attempt (verb)
attempt (noun)
attend (verb)
attention (noun)
attitude (noun)
attractive (adjective)
audience (noun)
August (noun)
aunt (noun)

author (noun)
authority (noun)
automatic (adjective)
automobile (noun)
autumn (noun)
available (adjective)
avenue (noun)
average (noun)
average (adjective)
avoid (verb)
awake (verb)
awake (adjective)
award (verb)
award (noun)
aware (adjective)
away (adverb)
away (adjective)
awful (adjective)

baby (noun)
back (noun)
back (adverb)
back (adjective)
back (verb)
backward (adverb)
backward (adjective)
bad (adjective)

bag (noun)
balance (noun)
balance (verb)
ball (noun)
band (noun)
bang (verb)
bank (noun)

bar (noun)
bare (adjective)
bark (verb)
bark (noun)
base (noun)
base (verb)
basic (adjective)

bath (noun)
bathe (verb)
battery (noun)
battle (noun)
beach (noun)

bean (noun)
bear (verb)
beat (verb)
beat (noun)

bed (noun)
beef (noun)
before (adverb)
before (preposition)
before (conjunction)
beginning (noun)

behind (adverb)
behind (preposition)
below (adverb)
below (preposition)
belt (noun)

bend (verb)
bend (noun)
beneath (adverb)
beneath (preposition)
besides (preposition)
besides (adverb)
best (adjective)
best (adverb)
best (noun)

bet (noun)
bet (verb)
better (adjective)
better (adverb)
between (preposition)
beyond (adverb)
beyond (preposition)
bicycle (noun)
bid (verb)

bid (noun)
big (adjective)
bill (noun)
bill (verb)
bind (verb)
bit (noun)
bite (verb)

bite (noun)
bitter (adjective)
black (adjective)
black (noun)
blame (verb)
blame (noun)
blank (adjective)
blank (noun)
blanket (noun)

blend (verb)
blind (adjective)
blind (verb)
block (noun)
block (verb)
blond (adjective)
blond (noun)
blow (verb)

blow (noun)
blue (adjective)
blue (noun)
board (noun)
board (verb)
boast (verb)
boat (noun)
boil (verb)
bold (adjective)

bomb (noun)
bomb (verb)
bond (noun)
bond (verb)
bone (noun)
book (noun)
boot (noun)
border (noun)
border (verb)
bore (verb)

boss (noun)
boss (verb)
both (adjective)
both (pronoun)
both (conjunction)
bother (verb)
bother (noun)
bottle (noun)

bottom (noun)
bottom (adjective)
bounce (verb)
bound (adjective)
bow (verb)
bow (noun)
bowl (noun)
box (noun)
boy (noun)

brace (verb)
brace (noun)
brain (noun)
branch (noun)
brand (noun)
brave (adjective)
bread (noun)
break (verb)
break (noun)
breakfast (noun)

breast (noun)
breed (verb)
breed (noun)
bridge (noun)
bridge (verb)
brief (adjective)

broad (adjective)
broadcast (verb)
broadcast (noun)
brown (adjective)
brown (noun)

brush (noun)
brush (verb)
bubble (noun)
budget (noun)
build (verb)
bump (verb)
bump (noun)
bunch (noun)

bundle (noun)
burden (noun)
burn (verb)
burst (verb)
bus (noun)
busy (adjective)
but (conjunction)

but (preposition)
butter (noun)
button (noun)
buy (verb)
by (preposition)
by (adverb)

cage (noun)
cake (noun)
calculate (verb)
calculation (noun)
calendar (noun)
call (verb)
call (noun)
calm (adjective)
camera (noun)
camp (noun)
camp (verb)
campaign (noun)
can (verb)
can (noun)
cancel (verb)
cancer (noun)
candidate (noun)
candy (noun)
cap (noun)
capable (adjective)
capacity (noun)
capital (adjective)
capital (noun)
captain (noun)
capture (verb)
car (noun)
card (noun)
care (noun)
care (verb)
career (noun)
careless (adjective)
carpet (noun)
carrot (noun)
carry (verb)

case (noun)
cash (noun)
cast (verb)
castle (noun)
cat (noun)
catalog (noun)
catch (verb)
catch (noun)
category (noun)
cattle (noun)
cause (noun)
cause (verb)
cave (noun)
cease (verb)
ceiling (noun)
celebrate (verb)
celebration (noun)
cell (noun)
cent (noun)
center (noun)
center (verb)
central (adjective)
century (noun)
ceremony (noun)
certain (adjective)
certain (pronoun)
certainly (adverb)
chain (noun)
chain (verb)
chair (noun)
challenge (noun)
chamber (noun)
chance (noun)
change (verb)
change (noun)
channel (noun)

chapter (noun)
character (noun)
characteristic (adjective)
characteristic (noun)
charge (verb)
charge (noun)
charity (noun)
charm (noun)
charm (verb)
chart (noun)
chart (verb)
chase (noun)
chase (verb)
chat (verb)
chat (noun)
cheap (adjective)
cheap (adverb)
cheat (verb)
check (verb)
check (noun)
cheek (noun)
cheerful (adjective)
cheese (noun)
chemical (adjective)
chemical (noun)
chemistry (noun)
chest (noun)
chew (verb)
chicken (noun)
chief (noun)
child (noun)
childhood (noun)
chin (noun)
chip (noun)
chocolate (noun)
choice (noun)
choke (verb)
choose (verb)
chop (verb)

Christmas (noun)
church (noun)
circle (noun)
circumstance (noun)
citizen (noun)
city (noun)
civil (adjective)
claim (verb)
claim (noun)
clap (verb)
clap (noun)
class (noun)
classic (adjective)
classic (noun)
classify (verb)
clause (noun)
clay (noun)
clean (adjective)
clean (verb)
clear (adjective)
clear (verb)
clerk (noun)
clever (adjective)
click (verb)
click (noun)
cliff (noun)
climate (noun)
climb (verb)
clock (noun)
close (verb)
close (adverb)
closet (noun)
cloth (noun)
clothes (noun)
clothing (noun)
cloud (noun)
cloud (verb)
club (noun)

coach (noun)
coach (verb)
coal (noun)
coast (noun)
coast (verb)
coat (noun)
coat (verb)
code (noun)
coffee (noun)
coin (noun)
cold (adjective)
cold (noun)
collapse (verb)
collapse (noun)
collar (noun)
collect (verb)
collection (noun)
college (noun)
color (noun)
color (verb)
column (noun)
comb (noun)
comb (verb)
combination (noun)
combine (verb)
come (verb)
comedy (noun)
comfort (noun)
comfort (verb)
comfortable (adjective)
command (noun)
comment (noun)
comment (verb)
commercial (adjective)
commission (noun)
commit (verb)
committee (noun)
common (adjective)
communicate (verb)

communication (noun)
community (noun)
company (noun)
compare (verb)
comparison (noun)
compete (verb)
competition (noun)
complain (verb)
complaint (noun)
complete (adjective)
complete (verb)
completion (noun)
complex (adjective)
complicate (verb)
complicated (adjective)
component (noun)
compose (verb)
composition (noun)
compound (noun)
comprehensive (adjective)
computer (noun)
concentrate (verb)
concentration (noun)
concept (noun)
concern (noun)
concern (verb)
concert (noun)
conclude (verb)
conclusion (noun)
concrete (noun)
condition (noun)
conduct (verb)
conduct (noun)

conference (noun)
confidence (noun)
confident (adjective)
confine (verb)
confirm (verb)
conflict (noun)
conflict (verb)
confuse (verb)
confusion (noun)
congress (noun)
conjunction (noun)
connect (verb)
connection (noun)
conscience (noun)
conscious (adjective)
consent (verb)
consent (noun)
conservative (adjective)
conservative (noun)
consider (verb)
considerable (adjective)
consideration (noun)
consist (verb)
consistent (adjective)
constant (adjective)
constitution (noun)
construct (verb)
construction (noun)
consult (verb)
consumer (noun)
contact (verb)
contain (verb)
container (noun)

contemporary (adjective)
content (noun)
contest (noun)
context (noun)
continent (noun)
continue (verb)
continuous (adjective)
contract (noun)
contrast (verb)
contrast (noun)
contribute (verb)
contribution (noun)
control (verb)
control (noun)
convenient (adjective)
conversation (noun)
convert (verb)
convince (verb)
cook (noun)
cook (verb)
cookie (noun)
cool (adjective)
cooperate (verb)
cooperation (noun)
cope (verb)
copy (noun)
copy (verb)
core (noun)
core (adjective)
corn (noun)
corporate (adjective)
corporation (noun)
correct (adjective)
correct (verb)
correspond (verb)

cost (noun)
cost (verb)
cottage (noun)
cotton (noun)
cough (verb)
cough (noun)
could (verb)
council (noun)
count (verb)
count (noun)
country (noun)
couple (noun)
courage (noun)
course (noun)
court (noun)
cousin (noun)
cover (verb)
cover (noun)
cow (noun)
crack (verb)
crack (noun)
craft (noun)
crash (verb)
crash (noun)
crazy (adjective)
cream (noun)
create (verb)
creature (noun)
credit (noun)
credit (verb)
criminal (adjective)
criminal (noun)
crisis (noun)
crisp (adjective)
criterion (noun)
critic (noun)
critical (adjective)

criticism (noun)
criticize (verb)
crop (noun)
cross (noun)
cross (verb)
crowd (verb)
crowd (noun)
crown (noun)
crucial (adjective)
cruel (adjective)
crush (verb)
cry (verb)
cry (noun)
cultural (adjective)
culture (noun)
cup (noun)
cure (noun)
cure (verb)
curious (adjective)
curl (verb)
curl (noun)
current (adjective)
curtain (noun)
curve (noun)
curve (verb)
custom (noun)
customer (noun)
cut (verb)
cut (noun)
cycle (noun)

dad (noun)
daily (adjective)
dam (noun)
damage (noun)
damage (verb)
damp (adjective)
dance (verb)
dance (noun)
danger (noun)
dangerous (adjective)
dare (verb)
dare (noun)
dark (adjective)
dark (noun)
data (noun)
date (noun)
date (verb)
daughter (noun)
day (noun)
dead (adjective)
deaf (adjective)
deal (verb)
deal (noun)
deal (noun)
dear (adjective)
death (noun)
debate (noun)
debate (verb)
debt (noun)
decade (noun)
decay (noun)
decide (verb)
decision (noun)
declare (verb)
decline (verb)
decline (noun)
decorate (verb)
decoration (noun)
decorative (adjective)

decrease (verb)
decrease (noun)
deep (adjective)
deep (adverb)
defeat (verb)
defeat (noun)
defend (verb)
defendant (noun)
defense (noun)
define (verb)
definite (adjective)
definition (noun)
degree (noun)
delay (noun)
delay (verb)
deliberate (adjective)
delicate (adjective)
delicious (adjective)
delight (noun)
delight (verb)
deliver (verb)
demand (noun)
demand (verb)
democracy (noun)
demonstrate (verb)
dentist (noun)
deny (verb)
department (noun)
depend (verb)
deposit (verb)
depress (verb)
depth (noun)
derive (verb)
describe (verb)
description (noun)
desert (noun)
desert (verb)

deserve (verb)
design (verb)
design (noun)
desire (verb)
desire (noun)
desk (noun)
desperate (adjective)
despite (preposition)
destroy (verb)
destruction (noun)
detail (noun)
determine (verb)
develop (verb)
development (noun)
device (noun)
devote (verb)
diamond (noun)
diary (noun)
dictionary (noun)
die (verb)
diet (noun)
difference (noun)
different (adjective)
difficult (adjective)
difficulty (noun)
dig (verb)
dimension (noun)
dinner (noun)
dip (verb)
dip (noun)
direct (adjective)
direction (noun)
director (noun)

dirt (noun)
dirty (adjective)
disagree (verb)
disagreement (noun)
disappear (verb)
disappoint (verb)
disappointment (noun)
disapproval (noun)
disapprove (verb)
disaster (noun)
disc (noun)
discipline (noun)
discover (verb)
discovery (noun)
discuss (verb)
discussion (noun)
disease (noun)
disgust (noun)
disgust (verb)
dish (noun)
dishonest (adjective)
dislike (verb)
dislike (noun)
dismiss (verb)
display (verb)
display (noun)
dispute (noun)
dispute (verb)
disrespect (noun)
dissolve (verb)
distant (adjective)
distinct (adjective)
distinguish (verb)

distribute (verb)
distribution (noun)
district (noun)
distrust (verb)
distrust (noun)
disturb (verb)
dive (verb)
dive (noun)
divide (verb)
divide (noun)
division (noun)
divorce (noun)
divorce (verb)
do (verb)
do (verb)
doctor (noun)
document (noun)
dog (noun)
doll (noun)
dollar (noun)
domestic (adjective)
dominant (adjective)
dominate (verb)
door (noun)
dot (noun)
double (adjective)
double (verb)
double (noun)
double (adverb)
doubt (verb)
down (adverb)
down (adjective)
down (preposition)
dozen (noun)
draft (noun)
drag (verb)
drama (noun)
dramatic (adjective)
draw (verb)
drawing (noun)

dream (noun)
dream (verb)
dress (verb)
dress (noun)
drink (verb)
drink (noun)
drive (verb)
drive (noun)
driver (noun)
drop (noun)
drop (verb)
drown (verb)
drug (noun)
drum (noun)
drunk (adjective)
dry (adjective)
dry (verb)
duck (noun)
due (adjective)
dull (adjective)
dull (verb)
dump (verb)
dump (noun)
during (preposition)
dust (noun)
dust (verb)
duty (noun)

e-mail (noun & verb)
each (adjective)
each (pronoun)
eager (adjective)
ear (noun)
early (adverb)
early (adjective)
earn (verb)
earth (noun)
ease (noun)
ease (verb)
east (noun)
east (adjective)
east (adverb)
easy (adjective)
easy (adverb)
eat (verb)
economic (adjective)
economy (noun)
edge (noun)
edition (noun)
educate (verb)
education (noun)
effect (noun)
effective (adjective)
efficient (adjective)
effort (noun)
egg (noun)
either (adjective)
either (conjunction)
elastic (adjective)
elbow (noun)
elect (verb)
election (noun)
electric (adjective)
electricity (noun)
electronic (adjective)

element (noun)
else (adverb)
else (adjective)
elsewhere (adverb)
embarrass (verb)
embarrassment (noun)
emerge (verb)
emergency (noun)
emotion (noun)
emotional (adjective)
emphasis (noun)
emphasize (verb)
empire (noun)
employ (verb)
employee (noun)
employer (noun)
employment (noun)
empty (adjective)
empty (verb)
enable (verb)
encounter (verb)
encounter (noun)
encourage (verb)
end (noun)
end (verb)
enemy (noun)
energy (noun)
engage (verb)
engaged (adjective)
engine (noun)
English (adjective)
English (noun)
enjoy (verb)
enjoyment (noun)

enormous (adjective)
enough (adjective)
enough (adverb)
enough (pronoun)
ensure (verb)
enter (verb)
entertain (verb)
entertainment (noun)
enthusiasm (noun)
enthusiastic (adjective)
entire (adjective)
entrance (noun)
entry (noun)
envelope (noun)
environment (noun)
envy (noun)
envy (verb)
equal (adjective)
equal (noun)
equal (verb)
equipment (noun)
equivalent (adjective)
equivalent (noun)
erase (verb)
error (noun)
escape (verb)
escape (noun)
especially (adverb)
essential (adjective)
establish (verb)
estimate (noun)
estimate (verb)
ethnic (adjective)
evaluate (verb)
even (adjective)
even (adverb)
even (verb)
evening (noun)
event (noun)

eventually (adverb)
ever (adverb)
every (adjective)
everybody (pronoun)
everyday (adjective)
everyone (pronoun)
everything (pronoun)
everywhere (adverb)
evidence (noun)
evident (adjective)
evil (adjective)
evil (noun)
exact (adjective)
exactly (adverb)
exaggerate (verb)
examination (noun)
examine (verb)
example (noun)
exceed (verb)
excellent (adjective)
except (preposition)
except (conjunction)
exception (noun)
excess (noun)
excess (adjective)
exchange (noun)
exchange (verb)
excite (verb)
excitement (noun)
exclude (verb)
excuse (noun)
executive (noun)
executive (adjective)
exercise (noun)
exercise (verb)
exhibit (verb)
exhibit (noun)

exist (verb)
existence (noun)
exit (noun)
expand (verb)
expect (verb)
expectation (noun)
expense (noun)
expensive (adjective)
experience (noun)
experience (verb)
experiment (noun)
experiment (verb)
expert (noun)
expert (adjective)
explain (verb)
explanation (noun)
explode (verb)
explore (verb)
explosion (noun)
export (verb)
export (noun)
expose (verb)
exposure (noun)
express (verb)
express (adjective)
expression (noun)
extend (verb)
extension (noun)
extensive (adjective)
extent (noun)
extra (adjective)
extra (adverb)
extra (noun)
extraordinary (adjective)
extreme (adjective)
extreme (noun)
eye (noun)

fabric (noun)
face (noun)
face (verb)
fact (noun)
factor (noun)
factory (noun)
fail (verb)
failure (noun)
faint (adjective)
faint (verb)
fair (adjective)
fair (noun)
faith (noun)
fake (adjective)
fake (noun)
fake (verb)
fall (verb)
fall (noun)
false (adjective)
fame (noun)
familiar (adjective)
family (noun)
family (adjective)
famous (adjective)
fan (noun)
fancy (adjective)
far (adverb)
far (adjective)
farm (noun)
farmer (noun)
fast (adjective)
fast (adverb)
fasten (verb)
fat (adjective)
fat (noun)
fate (noun)
father (noun)
fault (noun)
favor (noun)
favor (verb)

favorite (adjective)
favorite (noun)
fear (noun)
fear (verb)
feather (noun)
feature (noun)
feature (verb)
federal (adjective)
fee (noun)
feed (verb)
feel (verb)
feel (noun)
feeling (noun)
fellow (noun)
female (adjective)
female (noun)
fence (noun)
festival (noun)
fever (noun)
few (adjective)
few (pronoun)
fiber (noun)
field (noun)
fierce (adjective)
fight (verb)
fight (noun)
figure (noun)
figure (verb)
fill (verb)
film (noun)
finally (adverb)
finance (noun)
finance (verb)
financial (adjective)
find (verb)
fine (adjective)
fine (adverb)
finger (noun)
finish (verb)

fire (noun)
fire (verb)
firm (adjective)
firm (noun)
first (adjective)
first (adverb)
first (noun)
first (pronoun)
fish (noun)
fish (verb)
fit (adjective)
fit (verb)
fix (verb)
flag (noun)
flame (noun)
flash (verb)
flash (noun)
flat (adjective)
flavor (noun)
flavor (verb)
flesh (noun)
flexible (adjective)
flight (noun)
float (verb)
flood (noun)
flood (verb)
floor (noun)
flour (noun)
flow (verb)
flow (noun)
flower (verb)
fluid (adjective)
fluid (noun)
fly (verb)
focus (noun)
focus (verb)
fog (noun)
fold (verb)
fold (noun)
follow (verb)
food (noun)
fool (noun)
fool (verb)
foot (noun)
for (preposition)

force (noun)
force (verb)
foreign (adjective)
forest (noun)
forever (adverb)
forever (noun)
forget (verb)
forgive (verb)
fork (noun)
form (noun)
form (verb)
formal (adjective)
former (adjective)
formula (noun)
fortune (noun)
forward (adverb)
forward (adjective)
found (geographical name)
foundation (noun)
frame (noun)
free (adjective)
free (adverb)
free (verb)
freedom (noun)
freeze (verb)
frequent (adjective)
fresh (adjective)
friend (noun)
friendly (adjective)
frighten (verb)
front (noun)
front (adjective)
fruit (noun)
fry (verb)
fuel (noun)
full (adjective)

fun (noun)
fun (adjective)
function (noun)
function (verb)
fund (noun)
fund (verb)
fundamental (adjective)
funeral (noun)
funny (adjective)
fur (noun)
furniture (noun)
further (adverb)
further (adjective)
future (noun)
future (adjective)

gain (verb)
gain (noun)
gallon (noun)
game (noun)
gap (noun)
garage (noun)
garbage (noun)
garden (noun)
gas (noun)
gate (noun)
gather (verb)
gay (adjective)
gear (noun)
gender (noun)
gene (noun)
general (adjective)
generally (adverb)
generate (verb)
generation (noun)
generous (adjective)
gentle (adjective)
gentleman (noun)
genuine (adjective)
geography (noun)
get (verb)
giant (adjective)
giant (noun)
gift (noun)
girl (noun)
give (verb)
glass (noun)

global (adjective)
glory (noun)
glove (noun)
glow (verb)
glow (noun)
glue (noun)
glue (verb)
go (verb)
goal (noun)
god (noun)
gold (noun)
golden (adjective)
good (adjective)
good (noun)
goodbye (interjection)
govern (verb)
government (noun)
governor (noun)
grab (verb)
graceful (adjective)
grade (noun)
gradual (adjective)
graduate (verb)
grain (noun)
grammar (noun)
grand (adjective)
granddaughter (noun)
grandfather (noun)
grandmother (noun)
grandson (noun)
grant (noun)
grass (noun)
grateful (adjective)

grave (noun)
gravity (noun)
gray (adjective)
gray (noun)
great (adjective)
greed (noun)
green (adjective)
green (noun)
greet (verb)
grind (verb)
grocery (noun)
groom (noun)
groove (noun)
ground (noun)
group (noun)
grow (verb)
guarantee (noun)
guarantee (verb)
guard (noun)
guard (verb)
guess (verb)
guess (noun)
guest (noun)
guide (noun)
guide (verb)
guilt (noun)
guilty (adjective)
gun (noun)
guy (noun)

habit (noun)
hair (noun)
half (noun)
half (pronoun)
half (adjective)
half (adverb)
hammer (noun)
hand (noun)
hand (verb)
handle (noun)
handle (verb)
handsome (adjective)
handwriting (noun)
hang (verb)
happen (verb)
happy (adjective)
harbor (noun)
hard (adjective)
hard (adverb)
hardly (adverb)
hardware (noun)
harm (noun)
harm (verb)
harsh (adjective)
harvest (noun)
hat (noun)
hatch (noun)
hatch (verb)
hate (noun)
hate (verb)
have (verb)
he (pronoun)
head (noun)
head (verb)
heal (verb)
health (noun)
healthy (adjective)
hear (verb)
hearing (noun)

heart (noun)
heat (noun)
heat (verb)
heaven (noun)
heavy (adjective)
heel (noun)
height (noun)
hell (noun)
hello (noun)
help (verb)
help (noun)
helpful (adjective)
hence (adverb)
her (adjective)
her (pronoun)
here (adverb)
hero (noun)
hers (pronoun)
herself (pronoun)
hesitate (verb)
hide (verb)
high (adjective)
high (adverb)
highlight (noun)
highlight (verb)
highway (noun)
hill (noun)
him (pronoun)
himself (pronoun)
hint (noun)
hip (noun)
hire (verb)
hire (noun)
his (adjective)
his (pronoun)
historical (adjective)
history (noun)

hit (verb)
hit (noun)
hobby (noun)
hold (verb)
hold (noun)
hole (noun)
holiday (noun)
hollow (adjective)
holy (adjective)
home (noun)
home (adverb)
homework (noun)
honest (adjective)
honesty (noun)
honor (noun)
honor (verb)
hook (noun)
hook (verb)
hop (verb)
hop (noun)
hope (verb)
hope (noun)
hopeful (adjective)
horizontal (adjective)
horn (noun)
horror (noun)
horse (noun)
hose (noun)
hospital (noun)
host (noun)
hot (adjective)
hotel (noun)
hour (noun)
house (noun)
household (noun)
how (adverb)
how (conjunction)
however (adverb)
however (conjunction)

hug (verb)
huge (adjective)
human (adjective)
human (noun)
humble (adjective)
humor (noun)
hunger (noun)
hungry (adjective)
hunt (verb)
hurry (verb)
hurry (noun)
hurt (verb)
hurt (adjective)
husband (noun)

I (pronoun)
ice (noun)
idea (noun)
ideal (adjective)
ideal (noun)
identical (adjective)
identification (noun)
identify (verb)
identity (noun)
if (conjunction)
ignore (verb)
ill (adjective)
ill (adverb)
illegal (adjective)
illness (noun)
illustrate (verb)
image (noun)
imaginary (adjective)
imagination (noun)
imagine (verb)
imitate (verb)
immediate (adjective)
immigrant (noun)
immoral (adjective)
impact (noun)
impatient (adjective)
import (verb)
import (noun)
importance (noun)
important (adjective)
impress (verb)
impression (noun)

impressive (adjective)
improve (verb)
improvement (noun)
in (preposition)
in (adverb)
inch (noun)
incident (noun)
include (verb)
income (noun)
increase (verb)
increase (noun)
indeed (adverb)
independence (noun)
independent (adjective)
index (noun)
indicate (verb)
individual (adjective)
individual (noun)
industrial (adjective)
industry (noun)
inevitable (adjective)
infant (noun)
infect (verb)
infection (noun)
influence (noun)
influence (verb)
inform (verb)
informal (adjective)
information (noun)
ingredient (noun)
initial (noun)
initiative (noun)
injure (verb)
injury (noun)

ink (noun)
inner (adjective)
innocent (adjective)
insect (noun)
insert (verb)
inside (noun)
inside (adjective)
inside (preposition)
inside (adverb)
insist (verb)
inspect (verb)
install (verb)
instance (noun)
instant (noun)
instant (adjective)
instead (adverb)
institute (noun)
institution (noun)
instruction (noun)
instrument (noun)
insult (verb)
insult (noun)
insurance (noun)
intelligence (noun)
intelligent (adjective)
intend (verb)
intense (adjective)
intention (noun)
interest (noun)
interest (verb)
interesting (adjective)
interior (adjective)
interior (noun)
interjection (noun)
internal (adjective)
international (adjective)

Internet (noun)
interpret (verb)
interrupt (verb)
interval (noun)
interview (noun)
interview (verb)
into (preposition)
introduce (verb)
introduction (noun)
invade (verb)
invent (verb)
invention (noun)
invest (verb)
investigate (verb)
investment (noun)
invitation (noun)
invite (verb)
involve (verb)
iron (noun)
iron (adjective)
irritate (verb)
island (noun)
isolated (adjective)
issue (noun)
issue (verb)
it (pronoun)
itch (verb)
itch (noun)
item (noun)
its (adjective)

jacket (noun)
jail (noun)
jam (verb)
jar (noun)
jaw (noun)
jealous (adjective)
jelly (noun)
jet (noun)
jewel (noun)
jewelry (noun)
job (noun)
join (verb)
joint (noun)
joint (adjective)
joke (noun)
joke (verb)
journal (noun)
journey (noun)
joy (noun)
judge (verb)
judge (noun)
judgment (noun)
juice (noun)
jump (verb)
jump (noun)
junior (adjective)
junior (noun)
jury (noun)
just (adjective)
just (adverb)
justify (verb)

keen (adjective)
keep (verb)
key (noun)
key (adjective)
kick (verb)
kick (noun)
kid (noun)
kill (verb)
kind (noun)
kind (adjective)
king (noun)
kingdom (noun)
kiss (verb)
kiss (noun)
kitchen (noun)
knee (noun)
kneel (verb)
knife (noun)
knit (verb)
knock (verb)
knock (noun)
knot (noun)
know (verb)
knowledge (noun)

label (noun)
label (verb)
labor (noun)
labor (verb)
laboratory (noun)
lack (verb)
lack (noun)
ladder (noun)
lady (noun)
lake (noun)
lamp (noun)
land (noun)
land (verb)
lane (noun)
language (noun)
large (adjective)
last (verb)
last (adjective)
last (adverb)
last (pronoun)
late (adjective)
late (adverb)
latter (adjective)
laugh (verb)
laugh (noun)
launch (verb)
launch (noun)
law (noun)
lawyer (noun)
lay (verb)
lazy (adjective)
lead (verb)
lead (noun)
leader (noun)
leaf (noun)
league (noun)
leak (verb)
leak (noun)
lean (verb)
learn (verb)
least (adjective)
least (noun)
least (adverb)

leather (noun)
leave (verb)
lecture (noun)
left (adjective)
left (adverb)
left (noun)
leg (noun)
legal (adjective)
lemon (noun)
lend (verb)
length (noun)
less (adjective)
less (adverb)
less (pronoun)
lesson (noun)
let (verb)
letter (noun)
level (noun)
level (adjective)
level (verb)
liberal (adjective)
liberal (noun)
liberty (noun)
library (noun)
license (noun)
lid (noun)
lie (verb)
lie (verb)
lie (noun)
life (noun)
lift (noun)
light (noun)
light (adjective)
light (verb)
light (adjective)
like (verb)
like (preposition)
like (conjunction)
likely (adjective)
limit (noun)
limit (verb)
line (noun)
line (verb)
link (verb)
link (noun)
lip (noun)
liquid (noun)
liquid (adjective)

list (noun)
list (verb)
listen (verb)
literary (adjective)
literature (noun)
little (adjective)
little (adverb)
little (pronoun)
live (verb)
live (adjective)
live (adverb)
load (noun)
load (verb)
loaf (noun)
loan (noun)
loan (verb)
local (adjective)
locate (verb)
location (noun)
lock (noun)
lock (verb)
logic (noun)
logical (adjective)
lonely (adjective)
long (adjective)
long (adverb)
look (verb)
look (noun)
loose (adjective)
lord (noun)
loss (noun)
lost (adjective)
lot (noun)
loud (adjective)
love (noun)
love (verb)
lovely (adjective)
low (adjective)
low (adverb)
lower (adjective)
lower (verb)
loyal (adjective)

luck (noun)
lucky (adjective)
luggage (noun)
lump (noun)
lunch (noun)
lung (noun)

machine (noun)
mad (adjective)
magazine (noun)
magic (noun)
magic (adjective)
mail (noun)
mail (verb)
main (adjective)
maintain (verb)
major (adjective)
majority (noun)
make (verb)
male (adjective)
male (noun)
man (noun)
manage (verb)
management (noun)
manager (noun)
manner (noun)
manufacture (verb)
many (adjective)
many (pronoun)
map (noun)
march (verb)
march (noun)
margin (noun)
mark (noun)
mark (verb)
market (noun)
marriage (noun)
mass (noun)
master (noun)
match (noun)
match (verb)
mate (noun)
material (noun)

mathematics (noun)
matter (noun)
matter (verb)
maximum (noun)
maximum (adjective)
may (verb)
maybe (adverb)
mayor (noun)
me (pronoun)
meal (noun)
mean (verb)
mean (adjective)
meaning (noun)
means (noun)
meanwhile (adverb)
measure (noun)
measure (verb)
measurement (noun)
meat (noun)
mechanical (adjective)
mechanism (noun)
media (noun)
medical (adjective)
medicine (noun)
medium (noun)
medium (adjective)
meet (verb)
meeting (noun)
melt (verb)
member (noun)
memory (noun)
mental (adjective)
mention (verb)
menu (noun)

mercy (noun)
mere (adjective)
merely (adverb)
merry (adjective)
mess (noun)
message (noun)
metal (noun)
meter (noun)
method (noun)
middle (adjective)
middle (noun)
midnight (noun)
might (verb)
mild (adjective)
mile (noun)
military (adjective)
military (noun)
milk (noun)
mill (noun)
mind (noun)
mind (verb)
mine (pronoun)
mine (noun)
mineral (noun)
minimum (noun)
minimum (adjective)
minister (noun)
minor (adjective)
minority (noun)
minute (noun)
mirror (noun)
miss (verb)
miss (noun)
mission (noun)
mistake (noun)
mistake (verb)

mix (verb)
mix (noun)
mixture (noun)
mobile (adjective)
mode (noun)
model (noun)
moderate (adjective)
modern (adjective)
modest (adjective)
moment (noun)
money (noun)
monitor (noun)
monitor (verb)
month (noun)
mood (noun)
moon (noun)
moral (adjective)
more (adjective)
more (adverb)
more (pronoun)
morning (noun)
most (adjective)
most (adverb)
most (noun)
most (pronoun)
mostly (adverb)
mother (noun)
motion (noun)
motor (noun)
mount (verb)
mouse (noun)
mouth (noun)
move (verb)
move (noun)
movement (noun)
movie (noun)
much (adjective)
much (adverb)
much (pronoun)

mud (noun)
multiply (verb)
murder (noun)
murder (verb)
muscle (noun)
museum (noun)
music (noun)
musical (adjective)
musician (noun)
must (verb)
mutual (adjective)
my (adjective)
myself (pronoun)
mysterious (adjective)
mystery (noun)

nail (noun)
nail (verb)
naked (adjective)
name (noun)
name (verb)
narrow (adjective)
nation (noun)
national (adjective)
native (adjective)
native (noun)
natural (adjective)
naturally (adverb)
nature (noun)
navy (noun)
near (adverb)
near (preposition)
near (adjective)
nearby (adjective)
nearly (adverb)
neat (adjective)
necessary (adjective)
neck (noun)
need (verb)
need (noun)
needle (noun)
negative (adjective)
neighbor (noun)
neighborhood (noun)
neither (adjective)
neither (pronoun)
nephew (noun)
nerve (noun)
nervous (adjective)
nest (noun)
net (noun)
network (noun)
neutral (adjective)

never (adverb)
nevertheless (adverb)
new (adjective)
newly (adverb)
news (noun)
newspaper (noun)
next (adjective)
next (adverb)
next (pronoun)
nice (adjective)
niece (noun)
night (noun)
no one (pronoun)
no (adverb)
no (adjective)
nobody (pronoun)
noise (noun)
noisy (adjective)
none (pronoun)
noon (noun)
nor (conjunction)
normal (adjective)
north (noun)
north (adjective)
north (adverb)
northern (adjective)
nose (noun)
not (adverb)
note (noun)
note (verb)
notice (noun)
notice (verb)
noticeable (adjective)
notion (noun)
noun (noun)
novel (noun)

now (adverb)
nowhere (adverb)
nuclear (adjective)
number (noun)
numerous (adjective)
nurse (noun)
nut (noun)

o'clock (adverb)
obey (verb)
object (noun)
object (verb)
objection (noun)
objective (adjective)
objective (noun)
observation (noun)
observe (verb)
obtain (verb)
obvious (adjective)
occasion (noun)
occupation (noun)
occupy (verb)
occur (verb)
ocean (noun)
October (noun)
odd (adjective)
odor (noun)
of (preposition)
off (adverb)
off (preposition)
offend (verb)
offense (noun)
offensive (adjective)
offer (verb)
offer (noun)
office (noun)
officer (noun)
official (adjective)
often (adverb)
oh (interjection)
oil (noun)
OK (adverb)
OK (adjective)

old-fashioned (adjective)
old (adjective)
on (preposition)
on (adverb)
on (adjective)
once (adverb)
once (noun)
one (noun)
one (pronoun)
one (adjective)
oneself (pronoun)
only (adjective)
only (adverb)
onto (preposition)
open (adjective)
open (verb)
open (noun)
opening (noun)
operate (verb)
operation (noun)
opinion (noun)
opponent (noun)
opportunity (noun)
oppose (verb)
opposite (adjective)
opposite (adverb)
opposite (noun)
opposite (preposition)
opposition (noun)
option (noun)
orange (noun)
order (noun)
order (verb)
ordinary (adjective)
organ (noun)
organization (noun)
organize (verb)
origin (noun)
original (adjective)
original (noun)
originally (adverb)
other (adjective)
other (pronoun)

otherwise (adverb)
ought (verb)
ounce (noun)
our (adjective)
ours (pronoun)
ourselves (pronoun)
out (adverb)
outcome (noun)
outdoors (adverb)
outdoors (noun)
outer (adjective)
outline (noun)
outline (verb)
output (noun)
outside (noun)
outside (adjective)
outside (adverb)
outside (preposition)
outstanding (adjective)
outward (adjective)
outward (adverb)
oven (noun)
over (adverb)
over (preposition)
overall (adverb)
overall (adjective)
overcome (verb)
overwhelm (verb)
owe (verb)
own (adjective)
own (verb)
owner (noun)
ownership (noun)

p.m. (abbreviation)
pace (noun)
pack (noun)
pack (verb)
package (noun)
pad (noun)
page (noun)
pain (noun)
paint (noun)
paint (verb)
painting (noun)
pair (noun)
pale (adjective)
pan (noun)
panel (noun)
pants (noun)
paper (noun)
parade (noun)
paragraph (noun)
parallel (adjective)
parent (noun)
park (noun)
park (verb)
parliament (noun)
part (noun)
participate (verb)
particle (noun)
particular (adjective)
partly (adverb)
partner (noun)
pass (verb)
passage (noun)

passenger (noun)
passion (noun)
past (adjective)
past (preposition)
past (noun)
past (adverb)
paste (noun)
pat (verb)
patch (noun)
path (noun)
patience (noun)
patient (adjective)
patient (noun)
pattern (noun)
pause (noun)
pause (verb)
pay (verb)
pay (noun)
payment (noun)
peace (noun)
peaceful (adjective)
peak (noun)
peel (verb)
peel (noun)
pen (noun)
pen (noun)
penalty (noun)
pencil (noun)
penny (noun)
people (noun)
per (preposition)
percent (noun)
perfect (adjective)
perform (verb)
performance (noun)
performer (noun)
perfume (noun)

perhaps (adverb)
period (noun)
permanent (adjective)
permission (noun)
permit (verb)
person (noun)
personal (adjective)
personality (noun)
personally (adverb)
persuade (verb)
pest (noun)
pet (noun)
petal (noun)
phase (noun)
philosophy (noun)
phone (noun)
phone (verb)
photograph (noun)
photograph (verb)
photography (noun)
phrase (noun)
physical (adjective)
physics (noun)
piano (noun)
pick (verb)
picture (noun)
piece (noun)
pig (noun)
pile (noun)
pile (verb)
pilot (noun)
pin (noun)
pin (verb)

pink (noun)
pink (adjective)
pipe (noun)
pitch (noun)
pitch (verb)
pity (noun)
place (noun)
place (verb)
plain (adjective)
plan (noun)
plan (verb)
planet (noun)
plant (noun)
plant (verb)
plastic (noun)
plastic (adjective)
plate (noun)
platform (noun)
play (verb)
play (noun)
player (noun)
pleasant (adjective)
please (adverb)
please (verb)
pleasure (noun)
plenty (pronoun)
plot (noun)
plus (adjective)
plus (noun)
plus (preposition)
poem (noun)
poetry (noun)
point (noun)
point (verb)
poison (noun)
poison (verb)
poisonous (adjective)
pole (noun)
pole (noun)
police (noun)
policy (noun)
polish (verb)
polish (noun)

polite (adjective)
political (adjective)
politician (noun)
politics (noun)
pollution (noun)
pond (noun)
pool (noun)
poor (adjective)
pop (verb)
popular (adjective)
population (noun)
port (noun)
portion (noun)
pose (verb)
pose (noun)
position (noun)
positive (adjective)
possess (verb)
possession (noun)
possibility (noun)
possible (adjective)
possibly (adverb)
post (noun)
post (verb)
post (noun)
post (noun)
postage (noun)
pot (noun)
potato (noun)
potential (adjective)
pound (noun)
pour (verb)
poverty (noun)
power (noun)

powerful (adjective)
practical (adjective)
practice (verb)
practice (noun)
praise (verb)
praise (noun)
pray (verb)
prayer (noun)
precise (adjective)
predict (verb)
prefer (verb)
preference (noun)
pregnant (adjective)
prejudice (noun)
prejudice (verb)
premise (noun)
preparation (noun)
prepare (verb)
preposition (noun)
presence (noun)
present (noun)
present (verb)
present (adjective)
present (noun)
preserve (verb)
president (noun)
press (noun)
press (verb)
pressure (noun)
pretend (verb)
pretty (adverb)
prevent (verb)
previous (adjective)
price (noun)
pride (noun)
priest (noun)
primary (adjective)

prime minister (noun)
prince (noun)
princess (noun)
principal (adjective)
principle (noun)
print (verb)
print (noun)
prior (adjective)
prison (noun)
prisoner (noun)
private (adjective)
privilege (noun)
prize (noun)
probable (adjective)
probably (adverb)
problem (noun)
procedure (noun)
proceed (verb)
process (noun)
process (verb)
produce (verb)
product (noun)
production (noun)
profession (noun)
professional (adjective)
professional (noun)
professor (noun)
profit (noun)
program (noun)
progress (noun)
project (noun)
project (verb)
promise (noun)
promise (verb)
promote (verb)

pronoun (noun)
pronounce (verb)
proof (noun)
proper (adjective)
property (noun)
proportion (noun)
proposal (noun)
propose (verb)
prospect (noun)
protect (verb)
protection (noun)
protest (verb)
protest (noun)
proud (adjective)
prove (verb)
provide (verb)
psychology (noun)
public (adjective)
public (noun)
publication (noun)
publish (verb)
pull (verb)
pull (noun)
pump (noun)
pump (verb)
punch (verb)
punch (noun)
punish (verb)
pupil (noun)
purchase (verb)
pure (adjective)
purple (noun)
purple (adjective)
purpose (noun)
pursue (verb)
push (verb)
push (noun)

put (verb)
puzzle (noun)
puzzle (verb)

qualification (noun)
qualify (verb)
quality (noun)
quantity (noun)
quarter (noun)
queen (noun)
question (noun)
question (verb)
quick (adjective)
quick (adverb)
quiet (adjective)
quit (verb)
quite (adverb)
quote (verb)
quote (noun)

race (noun)
race (verb)
race (noun)
racial (adjective)
radical (adjective)
radio (noun)
rail (noun)
railroad (noun)
rain (noun)
rain (verb)
raise (verb)
range (noun)
rank (noun)
rank (verb)
rapid (adjective)
rare (adjective)
rate (noun)
rate (verb)
rather (adverb)
ratio (noun)
raw (adjective)
reach (verb)
react (verb)
reaction (noun)
read (verb)
reader (noun)
reading (noun)
ready (adjective)
real (adjective)
realistic (adjective)
realize (verb)
really (adverb)
rear (noun)
rear (adjective)
reason (noun)

reasonable (adjective)
reasonably (adverb)
recall (verb)
receive (verb)
recent (adjective)
reception (noun)
recognition (noun)
recognize (verb)
recommend (verb)
record (noun)
record (verb)
recover (verb)
red (adjective)
red (noun)
reduce (verb)
reduction (noun)
refer (verb)
reference (noun)
reflect (verb)
reform (verb)
reform (noun)
refrigerator (noun)
refuse (verb)
regard (noun)
regard (verb)
region (noun)
register (noun)
register (verb)
regret (verb)
regret (noun)
regulation (noun)
reject (verb)
relate (verb)
relation (noun)
relationship (noun)

relative (noun)
relative (adjective)
relax (verb)
release (verb)
release (noun)
relevant (adjective)
relief (noun)
relieve (verb)
religion (noun)
religious (adjective)
rely (verb)
remain (verb)
remark (noun)
remarkable (adjective)
remember (verb)
remind (verb)
remove (verb)
rent (noun)
rent (verb)
repair (verb)
repair (noun)
repeat (verb)
replace (verb)
reply (verb)
reply (noun)
report (noun)
report (verb)
represent (verb)
representative (adjective)
representative (noun)
republic (noun)
reputation (noun)
request (noun)
request (verb)
require (verb)
requirement (noun)
rescue (verb)
rescue (noun)

research (noun)
reserve (verb)
reserve (noun)
resident (noun)
resign (verb)
resist (verb)
resistance (noun)
resolve (verb)
resource (noun)
respect (noun)
respect (verb)
respond (verb)
response (noun)
responsibility (noun)
responsible (adjective)
rest (noun)
rest (noun)
rest (verb)
restaurant (noun)
restore (verb)
restrict (verb)
result (noun)
result (verb)
retain (verb)
retire (verb)
retirement (noun)
return (verb)
return (noun)
reveal (verb)
reverse (verb)
reverse (adjective)
review (noun)
review (verb)
revise (verb)
revision (noun)
revolution (noun)
reward (noun)
reward (verb)
rhyme (noun)
rhyme (verb)

rhythm (noun)
rice (noun)
rich (adjective)
rid (verb)
ride (verb)
ride (noun)
right (adjective)
right (adverb)
right (noun)
ring (noun)
ring (verb)
riot (noun)
riot (verb)
rise (verb)
rise (noun)
risk (noun)
risk (verb)
river (noun)
road (noun)
rob (verb)
rock (verb)
rock (noun)
role (noun)
roll (verb)
roll (noun)
romantic (adjective)
roof (noun)
room (noun)
root (noun)
rope (noun)
roughly (adverb)
round (adjective)
round (adverb)
round (noun)
round (verb)
round (preposition)
route (noun)
routine (noun)
routine (adjective)
row (noun)
row (verb)
royal (adjective)
rub (verb)
rubber (noun)

rude (adjective)
rug (noun)
ruin (verb)
rule (noun)
rule (verb)
run (verb)
run (noun)
rush (verb)
rush (noun)

sacrifice (noun)
sacrifice (verb)
sad (adjective)
safe (adjective)
safety (noun)
sail (verb)
sail (noun)
sake (noun)
salad (noun)
salary (noun)
sale (noun)
salt (noun)
same (adjective)
same (pronoun)
sample (noun)
sand (noun)
sandwich (noun)
satisfaction (noun)
satisfy (verb)
sauce (noun)
save (verb)
say (verb)
scale (noun)
scare (verb)
scare (noun)
scene (noun)
schedule (noun)
schedule (verb)
scheme (noun)
school (noun)
scientific (adjective)
scientist (noun)
scissors (noun)
score (noun)
score (verb)

scratch (verb)
scratch (noun)
scream (verb)
scream (noun)
screen (noun)
screw (noun)
screw (verb)
sea (noun)
seal (verb)
seal (noun)
search (noun)
search (verb)
season (noun)
seat (noun)
second (adjective)
second (adverb)
second (noun)
second (noun)
secondary (adjective)
secret (adjective)
secret (noun)
secretary (noun)
section (noun)
secure (adjective)
security (noun)
see (verb)
seed (noun)
seek (verb)
seem (verb)
seize (verb)
selection (noun)
self (noun)
selfish (adjective)
sell (verb)
senate (noun)
send (verb)
senior (adjective)
senior (noun)
sense (noun)
sense (verb)

sensible (adjective)
sensitive (adjective)
sentence (noun)
separate (adjective)
separate (verb)
separation (noun)
series (noun)
serious (adjective)
servant (noun)
serve (verb)
service (noun)
session (noun)
set (verb)
set (noun)
settle (verb)
several (adjective)
severe (adjective)
sew (verb)
sexual (adjective)
shade (noun)
shadow (noun)
shake (verb)
shake (noun)
shall (verb)
shallow (adjective)
shame (noun)
shape (noun)
shape (verb)
share (verb)
share (noun)
shave (verb)
she (pronoun)
sheep (noun)
sheet (noun)

shelf (noun)
shell (noun)
shelter (noun)
shelter (verb)
shift (verb)
shift (noun)
shine (verb)
shine (noun)
ship (noun)
ship (verb)
shirt (noun)
shock (noun)
shock (verb)
shoe (noun)
shoot (verb)
shop (noun)
shop (verb)
shore (noun)
short (adjective)
shot (noun)
should (verb)
shoulder (noun)
shout (verb)
shout (noun)
show (verb)
show (noun)
shower (noun)
shut (verb)
shy (adjective)
sick (adjective)
sight (noun)
sign (noun)
sign (verb)
signal (noun)
signal (verb)
signature (noun)
significant (adjective)
silence (noun)
silent (adjective)

silk (noun)
silly (adjective)
silver (noun)
silver (adjective)
similar (adjective)
simple (adjective)
sin (noun)
since (preposition)
since (conjunction)
since (adverb)
sincere (adjective)
sing (verb)
single (adjective)
sink (verb)
sir (noun)
sister (noun)
sit (verb)
site (noun)
situation (noun)
size (noun)
skill (noun)
skin (noun)
skirt (noun)
sky (noun)
slap (verb)
slap (noun)
sleep (verb)
sleep (noun)
sleeve (noun)
slice (noun)
slide (verb)
slight (adjective)
slip (verb)
slip (noun)
slope (noun)
slope (verb)
slow (adjective)

small (adjective)
smart (adjective)
smell (noun)
smell (verb)
smile (noun)
smile (verb)
smoke (noun)
smoke (verb)
smooth (adjective)
smooth (verb)
snake (noun)
snow (noun)
snow (verb)
so-called (adjective)
so (adverb)
so (pronoun)
so (conjunction)
soap (noun)
soccer (noun)
social (adjective)
society (noun)
sock (noun)
soft (adjective)
software (noun)
soil (noun)
soldier (noun)
solid (adjective)
solution (noun)
solve (verb)
some (adjective)
somebody (pronoun)
somehow (adverb)
someone (pronoun)
something (pronoun)
sometimes (adverb)
somewhat (adverb)
somewhere (adverb)

son (noun)
song (noun)
soon (adverb)
sore (adjective)
sorry (adjective)
sort (noun)
sort (verb)
soul (noun)
sound (noun)
sound (verb)
soup (noun)
sour (adjective)
source (noun)
south (noun)
south (adjective)
south (adverb)
southern (adjective)
space (noun)
spare (adjective)
spare (verb)
spare (noun)
speak (verb)
speaker (noun)
special (adjective)
specific (adjective)
specify (verb)
speech (noun)
speed (noun)
spell (verb)
spend (verb)
spicy (adjective)
spill (verb)
spin (verb)
spirit (noun)
spiritual (adjective)

spite (noun)
split (verb)
split (noun)
spoil (verb)
spoon (noun)
sport (noun)
spot (noun)
spray (noun)
spray (verb)
spread (verb)
spring (noun)
square (noun)
square (adjective)
squeeze (verb)
stable (adjective)
stable (noun)
staff (noun)
stage (noun)
stair (noun)
stamp (noun)
stamp (verb)
stand (verb)
stand (noun)
standard (noun)
standard (adjective)
star (noun)
stare (verb)
stare (noun)
start (verb)
start (noun)
state (verb)
statement (noun)
station (noun)
statue (noun)
status (noun)
stay (verb)
steady (adjective)
steal (verb)
steam (noun)

steel (noun)
steep (adjective)
steer (verb)
stem (noun)
step (noun)
step (verb)
stick (noun)
stick (verb)
sticky (adjective)
stiff (adjective)
still (adverb)
still (adjective)
sting (verb)
sting (noun)
stir (verb)
stitch (noun)
stitch (verb)
stock (noun)
stomach (noun)
stone (noun)
stop (verb)
stop (noun)
storage (noun)
store (verb)
store (noun)
storm (noun)
story (noun)
stove (noun)
straight (adjective)
straight (adverb)
strange (adjective)
stranger (noun)
strap (noun)
strategy (noun)
stream (noun)
street (noun)
strength (noun)

strengthen (verb)
stress (noun)
stress (verb)
stretch (verb)
strict (adjective)
strike (verb)
strike (noun)
string (noun)
strip (noun)
stripe (noun)
stroke (noun)
stroke (verb)
strong (adjective)
structure (noun)
struggle (verb)
struggle (noun)
stubborn (adjective)
student (noun)
study (noun)
study (verb)
stuff (noun)
stupid (adjective)
style (noun)
subject (noun)
submit (verb)
substance (noun)
substantial (adjective)
substitute (noun)
substitute (verb)
succeed (verb)
successful (adjective)
such (adjective)
such (pronoun)
such (adverb)
suck (verb)
sudden (adjective)
suffer (verb)

sufficient (adjective)
sugar (noun)
suggest (verb)
suggestion (noun)
suit (noun)
suit (verb)
suitable (adjective)
sum (noun)
sum (verb)
summary (noun)
summer (noun)
sun (noun)
superior (adjective)
supervise (verb)
supper (noun)
supply (noun)
supply (verb)
support (verb)
support (noun)
suppose (verb)
sure (adjective)
sure (adverb)
surface (noun)
surgery (noun)
surprise (noun)
surprise (verb)
surrender (verb)
surround (verb)
survey (noun)
survey (verb)
suspect (verb)
suspicion (noun)
suspicious (adjective)
swallow (verb)
swear (verb)
sweat (verb)
sweat (noun)

sweep (verb)
sweet (adjective)
swim (verb)
swing (verb)
swing (noun)
switch (noun)
switch (verb)
symbol (noun)
sympathetic (adjective)
sympathy (noun)
symptom (noun)
system (noun)

table (noun)
tail (noun)
take (verb)
talent (noun)
talk (verb)
talk (noun)
tall (adjective)
tank (noun)
tap (verb)
tap (noun)
tape (noun)
target (noun)
task (noun)
taste (noun)
taste (verb)
tax (noun)
tax (verb)
tea (noun)
teach (verb)
teacher (noun)
team (noun)
tear (verb)
tear (noun)
technical (adjective)
technique (noun)
technology (noun)
telephone (noun)
television (noun)
tell (verb)
temper (noun)
temple (noun)
temporary (adjective)
tempt (verb)
tend (verb)

tendency (noun)
tense (adjective)
tension (noun)
tent (noun)
term (noun)
terrible (adjective)
territory (noun)
test (noun)
test (verb)
text (noun)
texture (noun)
than (conjunction)
than (preposition)
thank (verb)
thanks (noun)
that (pronoun)
that (conjunction)
that (adjective)
that (pronoun)
that (adverb)
the (definite article)
theater (noun)
their (adjective)
them (pronoun)
theme (noun)
themselves (pronoun)
then (adverb)
theory (noun)
there (adverb)
there (adjective)
there (noun)
therefore (adverb)
these (geographical name)
they (pronoun)
thick (adjective)
thief (noun)
thin (adjective)
thing (noun)

think (verb)
thirsty (adjective)
this (pronoun)
this (adjective)
this (adverb)
thorough (adjective)
though (conjunction)
though (adverb)
thought (noun)
thread (noun)
threat (noun)
threaten (verb)
throat (noun)
through (preposition)
through (adverb)
throughout (preposition)
throughout (adverb)
throw (verb)
throw (noun)
thumb (noun)
thus (adverb)
ticket (noun)
tide (noun)
tie (verb)
tie (noun)
tight (adjective)
tilt (verb)
tilt (noun)
time (noun)
tin (noun)
tip (verb)
tip (noun)
tire (verb)
tire (noun)
tired (adjective)
title (noun)
to (preposition)
today (noun)
today (adverb)
toe (noun)

together (adverb)
toilet (noun)
tomorrow (noun)
tomorrow (adverb)
tone (noun)
tongue (noun)
tonight (noun)
tonight (adverb)
too (adverb)
tool (noun)
tooth (noun)
top (noun)
top (adjective)
topic (noun)
total (adjective)
total (noun)
touch (verb)
touch (noun)
tough (adjective)
tour (noun)
toward (preposition)
towel (noun)
tower (noun)
town (noun)
toy (noun)
trace (verb)
track (noun)
trade (noun)
trade (verb)
tradition (noun)
traffic (noun)
trail (verb)
trail (noun)
train (noun)
train (verb)
transfer (verb)
transfer (noun)
transform (verb)

translate (verb)
translation (noun)
transparent (adjective)
transport (verb)
transport (noun)
transportation (noun)
trap (noun)
trap (verb)
trash (noun)
travel (verb)
travel (noun)
treasure (noun)
treat (verb)
treatment (noun)
tree (noun)
trend (noun)
trial (noun)
triangle (noun)
tribe (noun)
trick (noun)
trick (verb)
trip (noun)
trip (verb)
troop (noun)
tropical (adjective)
trouble (noun)
trousers (noun)
truck (noun)
true (adjective)
trunk (noun)
trust (verb)
truth (noun)
try (verb)
tube (noun)
tune (noun)
tune (verb)

tunnel (noun)
turn (verb)
turn (noun)
twin (noun)
twin (adjective)
twist (verb)
twist (noun)
type (noun)
type (verb)
typical (adjective)

ugly (adjective)
umbrella (noun)
unable (adjective)
uncle (noun)
under (preposition)
under (adverb)
undergo (verb)
underground (adjective)
underneath (preposition)
underneath (adverb)
understand (verb)
understanding (noun)
undertake (verb)
undo (verb)
unemployed (adjective)
unemployment (noun)
unfortunate (adjective)
unfortunately (adverb)
unhappy (adjective)
uniform (noun)
uniform (adjective)
union (noun)
unique (adjective)
unit (noun)
unite (verb)
universal (adjective)
universe (noun)
university (noun)
unknown (adjective)
unless (conjunction)
unlike (adjective)
unlikely (adjective)
until (preposition)
until (conjunction)

unusual (adjective)
up (adverb)
up (adjective)
up (preposition)
upon (preposition)
upper (adjective)
upset (adjective)
upset (verb)
upstairs (adverb)
upstairs (adjective)
upstairs (noun)
upward (adverb)
upward (adjective)
urban (adjective)
urge (verb)
urge (noun)
urgent (adjective)
us (pronoun)
use (verb)
use (noun)
useful (adjective)
user (noun)
usual (adjective)

vacation (noun)
valley (noun)
valuable (adjective)
value (noun)
value (verb)
variation (noun)
variety (noun)
various (adjective)
vary (verb)
vast (adjective)
vegetable (noun)
vehicle (noun)
verb (noun)
version (noun)
very (adverb)
vessel (noun)
victim (noun)
victory (noun)
video (noun)
video (adjective)
view (noun)
view (verb)
village (noun)
violence (noun)
violent (adjective)
virtually (adverb)
virtue (noun)
virus (noun)
visible (adjective)
vision (noun)
visit (noun)
visitor (noun)
voice (noun)

volume (noun)
vote (verb)
vote (noun)

wage (noun)
waist (noun)
wait (verb)
wake (verb)
walk (verb)
walk (noun)
wall (noun)
wallet (noun)
wander (verb)
want (verb)
war (noun)
warm (adjective)
warm (verb)
warmth (noun)
warn (verb)
warning (noun)
wash (verb)
waste (noun)
waste (verb)
watch (verb)
watch (noun)
water (noun)
wave (verb)
wave (noun)
wax (noun)
way (noun)
we (pronoun)
weak (adjective)
weakness (noun)
wealth (noun)
wear (verb)
weather (noun)
weave (verb)
web (noun)

Web site (noun)
wedding (noun)
weed (noun)
week (noun)
weekend (noun)
weekly (adjective)
weigh (verb)
weight (noun)
welcome (interjection)
welcome (adjective)
welcome (verb)
welcome (noun)
welfare (noun)
well (adverb)
well (adjective)
west (noun)
west (adjective)
west (adverb)
western (adjective)
wet (adjective)
what (pronoun)
what (adjective)
what (adverb)
whatever (pronoun)
whatever (adjective)
wheat (noun)
wheel (noun)
when (adverb)
when (conjunction)
where (adverb)
whether (conjunction)
which (adjective)
which (pronoun)
while (conjunction)
while (noun)
whisper (verb)
whisper (noun)
whistle (noun)
whistle (verb)
white (adjective)
white (noun)
who (pronoun)
whole (adjective)
whole (noun)
whom (pronoun)
whose (adjective)
whose (pronoun)

why (adverb)
why (conjunction)
wide (adjective)
widely (adverb)
widespread (adjective)
width (noun)
wife (noun)
wild (adjective)
will (verb)
will (noun)
willing (adjective)
win (verb)
wind (noun)
wind (verb)
window (noun)
wine (noun)
wing (noun)
winner (noun)
winter (noun)
wipe (verb)
wire (noun)
wisdom (noun)
wise (adjective)
wish (verb)
wish (noun)
with (preposition)
withdraw (verb)
within (preposition)
without (preposition)
witness (noun)
wolf (verb)
woman (noun)
wonder (noun)
wonder (verb)
wonderful (adjective)

X (ไม่มีใน 3,000 คำของ list นี้)

wood (noun)
wooden (adjective)
wool (noun)
word (noun)
work (verb)
work (noun)
worker (noun)
world (noun)
worry (verb)
worry (noun)
worse (adjective)
worse (adverb)
worse (noun)
worship (verb)
worship (noun)
worst (adjective)
worst (adverb)
worst (noun)
worth (preposition)
worth (noun)
would (verb)
wound (noun)
wound (verb)
wrap (verb)
wreck (noun)
wreck (verb)
wrinkle (noun)
write (verb)
writer (noun)
writing (noun)
wrong (adverb)
wrong (noun)

yard (noun)
yawn (verb)
yawn (noun)
year (noun)
yell (verb)
yellow (adjective)
yellow (noun)
yes (adverb)
yesterday (noun)
yesterday (adverb)
yet (adverb)
yet (conjunction)
you (pronoun)
young (adjective)
your (adjective)
yours (pronoun)
yourself (pronoun)
youth (noun)

zero (noun)
zone (noun)
zoo (noun)

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